Save the Last Dance 2 (2006) starring Izabella Miko, Columbus Short, Jacqueline Bisset, Maria Brooks, Aubrey Dollar, Ian Brennan directed by David Petrarca Movie Review

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Izabella Miko in Save the Last Dance 2 (2006)

Just Another Dance Movie

Sara's (Izabella Miko - Age of Heroes) life is moving on, she has separated from her boyfriend as he has gone off too medical school and she is on the way to New York to study ballet at Julliard. And study she must if she is ever going to impress dance instructor Monique (Jacqueline Bisset - America's Prince) who experts nothing less than total dedication. But Sara still loves hip-hop something which she has in common with composer Miles (Columbus Short - Accepted) who she meets at the start of term and falls for whilst working together. But Sara finds herself torn between her passion for hip-hop and the demands of dancing ballet.

Have you watched a dance movie before? If so just take a second and think of the storylines you have come across and if you hadn't already realised there are only about 3 different stories which go to make up dance movies. Now in fairness I don't think anyone really watches a dance movie for the storyline but more for the movies spirit, that build up of inspiration as the lead protagonist finds the courage to follow their dreams, reach for their goals and so on. Well that and for some good music and often someone looking extremely sexy as they dance.

Columbus Short in Save the Last Dance 2 (2006)

That brings me to "Save the Last Dance 2" the sequel to the surprisingly popular "Save the Last Dance" a movie which I even enjoyed more than I thought I would. Now whilst we have new actors technically this sequel is a continuation of the first movie as we are spoon-fed an introduction which gives us a catch up on the life of Sara, splitting with Derek and heading to New York. But does anyone really care about what has happened, not happened and will happen to Sara when they watch this? I doubt it as according to my theory they are watching for the dance, the music, the feeling and the sexy characters. And when you strip it back to those basics it has to be said that "Save the Last Dance 2" ticks the boxes.

But that means that whilst Izabella Miko is easy on the eye and quite cute, whilst the music is good and it has the inspirational vibe and so on "Save the Last Dance 2" is so routine it is ridiculous. It would be harsh to say it is brain dead movie making but if you watch "Save the Last Dance 2" for anything more than those basics it makes it a mind numbing experience of predictable dance movie entertainment.

What this all boils down to is that "Save the Last Dance 2" might be a sequel but it is more a by the book dance movie which ticks the boxes when it comes to the requirements but does nothing else.