Search for Justice (1996) (aka: Justice for Annie: A Moment of Truth Movie) Peggy Lipton, Danica McKellar, Susan Ruttan Movie Review

Search for Justice (1996)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Danica McKellar in Search for Justice (1996) (aka: Justice for Annie: A Moment of Truth Movie)

Insurance Conveyor Belt

Having just graduated from high school Annie Mills (Danica McKellar) sneaks off and marries her boyfriend Ken Carman (Martin Cummins), moving hundreds of miles away from her mum Carol (Peggy Lipton). When Annie returns home whilst Ken is away, having shipped out with the Navy, tension between them causes her to run away again only for issues between her and Ken quickly bringing an end to their marriage. It is after this that Annie meets Mickey Holloway (Lochlyn Munro) who introduces her to his parents, George (Terry David Mulligan) and Helen (Susan Ruttan), who in turn suggest she moves in with them. It is whilst out with George and Helen that Annie is pushed to her death off of a rock face.

"Search for Justice" is a true movie story which starts with the gorgeous Danica McKellar looking like the perfect girl next door being thrown to her death off of a rock face. It is such a shocking start that it makes you sit up and pay attention especially because McKellar as Annie looks absolutely gorgeous and as I said, has that perfect girl next door look going on. But never fear as the first half of "Search for Justice" focuses on how we get to this point and that synopsis for "Search for Justice" basically explains that it is a tense relationship with her mother and a short marriage which leads to Annie ending up with George and Helen.

Peggy Lipton in Search for Justice (1996) (aka: Justice for Annie: A Moment of Truth Movie)

Now it isn't a spoiler alert to say that it is George who throws Annie to her death and what we learn is that it is an insurance scam as they had talked Annie not only into taking out life insurance but made Helen the beneficiary. What follows is Carol finding out about the insurance and that Helen was the beneficiary leading to her questioning exactly what happened leading to further revelations when it comes to George and Helen thanks to a determined detective who has been on their case for a while. I won't say what they are but as this is based on a true story there are more some interesting revelations and dark scheming.

Now I will admit I am a bit biased because of Danica McKellar but for me the first half of "Search for Justice" is more entertaining as we have her issues and the tension between her and her mother. But the second half where Peggy Lipton is the centre of attention and whilst she delivers a good performance the movie becomes extremely generic as we watch her investigate George and Helen on her own. It is in many ways the writing, the turning this into a generic TV movie with generic characters which lets this down as it seems to get in to a rush to get to the conclusion and doesn't really go into detail.

What this all boils down to is that "Search for Justice" ends up one of those movies whilst based on a true story ends up generic due to the way the story and characters have been written. Despite this it is still entertaining and for anyone who is a fan of Danica McKellar it is a must watch.