Season's Greetings (2016) Movie Review

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Laura Bell Bundy in Season's Greetings (2016)

A Different Greetings Card this Christmas

Darcy Blake (Laura Bell Bundy - The Christmas Calendar) works for Harrington House of Cards where she works in the editorial department writing the heart felt, romantic copy for some of the company's most popular cards. Darcy knows that whilst her romantic cards have helped many a young person find true love, and some times save it, she has never found her own Mr. Right. But things at Harrington are about to change when Edward Harrington (Gary Hetherington) decides to retire from the business he built and hands over the running of the company to his grandson Will (Casey Manderson - A December Bride) who having never been involved in the business plans to radically change and modernise things which doesn't sit comfortably with Darcy.

"Hats Off to Christmas" is a Hallmark Christmas movie from 2013 but in many ways it reminds me of "Season's Greetings" a movie which was shown on UP. The reason is that both see a loyal worker having to deal with the arrival of an outsider to the business who doesn't understand the soul of the business and of course plans to shake things up with their new gangled ideas. And of course it goes without saying that whilst there are some disagreements when it comes to business there is also some romance as what would a made for TV Christmas movie be without some romance and some kissing under the mistletoe.

Unfortunately whilst "Season's Greetings" ticks one box after another when it comes to made for TV Christmas movies, be it some characters who are almost caricatures to various lovely decorations, it doesn't bring anything new to the mix to make it stand out from the crowd. In fact at times it forces the comedy too far and starts to edge towards being a groaner. And that is a shame because what this movie highlights is a situation where you have a new business owner trying to save a business which is stuck in the past and hasn't embraced the moving times. It makes some good points such as when one person mentions they can't remember the last time they sent a greetings card. But because there are times "Season's Greetings" makes you groan with the comedy the message gets a little lost at times.

What this all boils down to is that "Season's Greetings" is an entertaining Christmas movie which of course with it being about a greetings card company has an extra smile factor to it. But unfortunately it doesn't manage to be anything more than a routine Christmas movie which is likely to remind you of quite a few others.

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