Second Chance Christmas (2017) Katrina Begin, Tilky Jones, Charlene Tilton, Steven Ted Beckler, Alexandria Collins, Vanessa Kai Movie Review

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Katrina Begin and Tilky Jones in Second Chance Christmas (2017)

Christmas Love Comes Around Again

When they got married Caroline (Katrina Begin) and Jack (Tilky Jones - Naughty & Nice) were very much in love but five years on Caroline has had enough as Jack is a lazy slob whilst Caroline is always working and has no time for relaxing or having children. Having decided to leave Jack and get a divorce Caroline ends up being run over by a car and after coming around in hospital is diagnosed with retro grade amnesia, knowing her name but doesn't remember if she has parents let alone that she is married to Jack. With Caroline's parents in cahoots with Jack to hide the truth about her plans for divorce Jack hopes that with a bit of Christmas magic Caroline will fall in love with the life he wants them to have. Question is what will happen when Caroline discovers the truth and that she has in fact a business.

Firstly "Second Chance Christmas" is one of those movies which are not about Christmas but are simply set during Christmas, as such whilst there is a wintry feel and a few decorations in some of the scenes don't watch this expecting to be blessed with some Christmas magic. Secondly "Second Chance Christmas" wants to be a touching, light weight drama where someone suffering from amnesia forces a married couple to re-examine their lives and rediscover that deep down feeling of love. As such first we have Jack trying to not only keep the truth about the mess their marriage was from Caroline but convincing her she loved the life they had, which was Jack being laid back and lazy. But this evolves with Caroline discovering that she had in fact a business but she was not the best boss in the world due to her demanding nature. As such both Jack and Caroline realise various things about how they feel for each other but also what sort of people they have become.

The thing is that "Second Chance Christmas" wants to be a touching and easy to watch drama but in being so it doesn't feel like it is completely sure of what it wants to be. On one hand we have some drama and semi emotional scenes which seem to be digging for heartfelt feelings but then there is some humour and a comical, Christmassy soundtrack which makes it feel a little confused of whether or not it is a drama or comedy. It is the same when it comes to the acting of Katrina Begin and Tilky Jones as one minute we have them doing drama and then the next they fall in to romantic comedy and it makes the movie a little uneven.

What this all boils down to is that "Second Chance Christmas" could have been an above average drama and at times it is. But the flitting in to bits of romantic comedy end up making it uneven and makes "Second Chance Christmas" feel like it doesn't fully believe it can work just as a drama.

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