Second Coming (2014) Nadine Marshall, Idris Elba, Kai Francis Lewis, Sharlene Whyte, Seroca Davis Movie Review

Second Coming (2014)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Nadine Marshall in Second Coming (2014)

No Second Viewing

Jax (Nadine Marshall) has got herself a problem, she is pregnant but having not had sex with her boyfriend Mark (Idris Elba) in a long time it can't be his and as she hasn't had an affair she is struggling because she knows the proverbial shit will hit the fan when she tells Mark. With Jax's son excited by the thought he could have a brother or sister it becomes difficult for everyone living under the same roof.

That synopsis is technically what "Second Coming" is about but heavily told from the viewpoint of Jax as she initially tries to work out what she should do about the pregnancy. And then it should evolve in to how this family deals with the situation. But sadly that doesn't come across strongly enough because instead director Debbie Tucker Green seems to have focused too heavily on trying to be real and in doing so the movie meanders along at times seemingly unfocused on anything other than observing every day life.

Now the meandering nature is not the only issue that "Second Coming" has and surprisingly it is also the accents because when you have British spoken in a strong West Indian accent but never delivered in anything more than a whisper makes it frequently difficult to hear what people are saying, especially Idris Elba who seems to growl everything he says.

What this all boils down to is that "Second Coming" ends up extremely hard work to get into due to the combination of the meandering storyline and the whispering and muttering of dialogue.