Secret Summer (2016) Lindsey Shaw, Derek Theler, Isaiah Washington, Rachel Ticotin Movie Review

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Secret Summer (2016)

Save the Library

When appraiser, Rachel (Lindsey Shaw - 16-Love) has to visit a small town to appraise the library, as the new owner wants to redevelop it into a spar, she is not keen but her boss gives her no choice. So after arriving in the small town and heading to the library she meets librarian Mrs. Archer (Rachel Ticotin - The Eye) as well as as Jake (Derek Theler - How Sarah Got Her Wings), a writer who has basically been camped out in the library for 6 months researching his book on Captain Black Bart's hidden treasure. Jake also is looking after his niece and nephew, Hailey (Chiara Aurelia) and Noah (Max Page), for the summer. As Rachel spends time with Jake she not only becomes fond of him but also realises how important the library is to the community and sets about trying to find a way of saving it.

"Secret Summer" is the sort of movie that once you have read what it's about you don't really need to read the rest of the review as we have the basic storyline of a woman in town to appraise a library business which is likely to be shut down. Once she realises how much it means to others and also falls in love with a guy she meets there we have her trying to find a way of saving it. It is such a familiar and basic idea that "Secret Summer" is one of those movies you put on but don't really need to watch intently to follow. And the addition of Jake looking after his niece and nephew for the summer doesn't add a huge twist to things although it is an embellishment on the usual. In truth the only thing different is that "Secret Summer" isn't a Hallmark Channel movie but one shown on PixL instead.

But as with similar movies which you would usually find on the Hallmark Channel the key to "Secret Summer" comes from getting that easy to watch tone just right so that it is easy on the eyes and ears but not cheesy or patronising. It is also in the casting and both Lindsey Shaw and Derek Theler have that good looking appeal and that sort of boy and girl next door thing going on that makes them easy to watch. And for those who have one of those minds for recognizing actors there is also Isaiah Washington from "The 100" and Rachel Ticotin from "Total Recall" in supporting roles.

What this all boils down to is that "Secret Summer" is another addition to the easy to watch, afternoon movie collection which does nothing other than trade on some cliches in an effective manner.