Secrets (1992) starring Christopher Plummer, Linda Purl, Gary Collins, Ben Browder, Josie Bissett, John Bennett Perry, Nicole Eggert, Stephanie Beacham directed by Peter H. Hunt Movie Review

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Christopher Plummer in Secrets (1992)

Soap Opera Secrets

Could there be a better match a Danielle Steel movie about a soap-opera and the private dramas of those involved, or maybe it is just ironic. Any way "Secrets" is everything you would expect from a Danielle Steel movie and it is one which I will say right away is for those who enjoy a slice of Danielle Steel and not for those not use to the way these movies work. In fact "Secrets" has so much going on with various characters and their dramas that it is even more contrived and convoluted than normal.

Following an accident which killed his family Mel Wexler (Christopher Plummer - Dragnet) has thrown himself into his job as a TV producer with his new project, a soap-opera called Manhattan being his number one focus. And Mel has assembled a stunning cast from Sabina Quarles (Stephanie Beacham) a once big film star to Bill Warwick (Ben Browder) a male model who will be a hit with the girls. But all these people have secrets from a drug addicted wife who has turned to prostitution to pay for her habit to an abused wife with a controlling husband.

Ben Browder in Secrets (1992)

So as I said "Secrets" is typical Danielle Steel and as such it serves up a convoluted array of storylines which interlink. I am not going to go into too much detail but this is a movie which in one scene can have a wife suffering abuse from a controlling husband and then the next sees another husband bailing his wife out of jail for prostitution to pay for her drug habit. Of course each of these stories plays out as those affected end up working together on this soap-opera unaware that they are all damaged souls and in some cases end up getting very close and yes that does mean melodramatic romantic scenes.

As I said "Secrets" is very much a movie for those who are fans of Danielle Steel and know what to expect but even then this one feels even more outrageously convoluted than the norm. What that also means is the acting from the main cast which includes the likes of Christopher Plummer, John Bennett Perry and Stephanie Beacham is even more soap-opera-ish than normal. And those in the supporting cast are incredibly shaky at times looking like they are waiting for someone to feed them their lines.

What this all boils down to is "Secrets" is everything you expect from a Danielle Steel movie and even a bit more as its story involves a soap-opera. But that does mean that unless you are a fan of Danielle Steel movies it will most likely come across as convoluted and cheesy melodrama.

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