Seduced by Lies (2010) Josie Davis, Marc Menard, Lochlyn Munro, Bruce Dawson - George Erschbamer Movie Review

Seduced by Lies (2010)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Josie Davis in Seduced by Lies (2010)

Seduced by Eyes

Having sold her company Laura Colton (Josie Davis) returns home to her father and step mother. But as always it is hard work as she doesn't get on with her step mum and finds her dad's interfering insufferable when it comes to his dislike of her friend Ava (Sarah Edmondson) and his attempts at setting her up with businessman Jonathan (Lochlyn Munro). Whilst visiting Ava at her bar Laura meets Brad Sterling (Marc Menard) who buys her a drink and gives her his number. Before long they are not only seeing each other but Brad has moved into a guest house on the family estate having impressed her parents because his uncle is a wealthy businessman. But when Ava spots Brad flirting with Laura's step mum she not only tells Laura what she saw causing a rift but Ava ends up being killed in a suspicious hit and run.

The first thing which will probably strike you about "Seduced by Lies" is actress Josie Davis' eyes; they are piercing and quite simply beautiful. Josie Davis' eyes are not the only good looking thing in "Seduced by Lies" as this is a movie full of good looking people be it the handsome Brad, Laura's friend Ava or her little sister. In fact the crisp camera work is also appealing even during a gratuitously over the top bedroom scene which is so cheesy you can't help but laugh at it.

Lochlyn Munro in Seduced by Lies (2010)

The trouble is that whilst "Seduced by Lies" claims at the start that it is inspired by a true story it feels like just another modern made for TV thriller which puts more emphasis on the look rather than telling a story or anything else which is important to a movie. As such we have a storyline which at times feels cliche and at other leaves huge gaps whilst in trying to look good is also less than subtle. In fact at times this feels more like a demo reel for attractive actors in attractive settings than a real movie.

But the lack of focus on delivering an effective story is not the only issue as we have characters that are paper thin and more often than not are uninteresting. But I am actually going to defend the cast of "Seduced by Lies" as whilst they have probably been chosen because they have the right look they are in fact poorly served by a script which has some serious cliche lines which even better actors would struggle to make sound decent.

What this all boils down to is that "Seduced by Lines" for the most is a typical modern TV movie with a familiar sort of storyline delivered in a less than subtle manner. But it has the feel about it that the look, the attractiveness of the stars and locations were far more important than the actual story which really lets it down.