´╗┐ See Arnold Run (2005) starring JŘrgen Prochnow, Roland Kickinger, Nora Dunn, Bob Morrisey, Pat Skipper, David Burke, Peter White, Mariel Hemingway directed by J.B. Rogers Movie Review

See Arnold Run (2005)   3/53/53/53/53/5

JŘrgen Prochnow as Arnold Schwarzenegger in See Arnold Run (2005)

The Spirit of Schwarzenegger

Technically "See Arnold Run" is a biopic about Arnold Schwarzenegger using a parallel between him entering politics and him training for the Mr. Olympia competition during the 70s. But in truth "See Arnold Run" doesn't dig into the actor's life but is more of a tribute to the man and his spirit of nothing is impossible. And when you take it as such, an almost motivational movie about focus and hard work it kind of works although often at the same time making you laugh.

Now let's be honest any movie about Schwarzenegger is on a loser straight away as the guy is unique, there is no one who looks like him, acts like him and speaks like him out there. As such I have to say that whilst J├╝rgen Prochnow does a decent job of mimicking Schwarzenegger's mannerisms he doesn't have the right build to pull it off. It is the movies major issue because when ever the story focuses on Schwarzenegger entering politics you end up being distracted by how not like Schwarzenegger he looks. And that is a shame because whilst "See Arnold Run" doesn't dig deep into the actor's life it does show his spirit during the election campaign almost suggesting that he was unprepared but savvy enough to get the right people around him.

Roland Kickinger as Arnold Schwarzenegger in See Arnold Run (2005)

Fairing a lot better is Roland Kickinger who plays the young Arnold Schwarzenegger and certainly has a physique much closer to the real Schwarzenegger's. In fact Kickinger does better all around with the right look, the right attitude and the right voice as he comes closer to mimicking Schwarzenegger's voice than Prochnow. But Kickinger unfortunately is saddled with the worst part of the script as whilst during the training for Mr. Olympia we get to understand the spirit of the man and his attitude to winning most of the time the scenes consist of lifting weights or being a ladies man.

What is disappointing about "See Arnold Run" and another reason why it's not a true biopic is that it pretty much ignores Schwarzenegger becoming a movie star. As I said the focus is on creating a parallel between training for Mr. Olympia and running for Governor but it would have been nice to show the spirit of determination when it came to making it in Hollywood as well.

What this all boils down to is that if you watch "See Arnold Run" as a biopic you will be disappointed. But watched as a tribute to the spirit of the man, that nothing is impossible spirit then it sort of works.