See Spot Run (2001) starring David Arquette, Michael Clarke Duncan, Leslie Bibb, Joe Viterelli, Angus T. Jones, Steve Schirripa, Anthony Anderson directed by John Whitesell Movie Review

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David Arquette in See Spot Run (2001)

Adventures in Dog Sitting

I'm confused, I though "See Spot Run" was a children's movie full of child friendly slapstick which you could leave your kids watching with no worries about what they might be subjected to. But what I watched feels like a children's movie made by those who were trying to appeal to a stoner crowd who after a heavy night wanted something daft to watch as they chomped down on their midday bowl of fruit loops. Now that leaves me torn because as a children's movie "See Spot Run" doesn't work but as daft comedy for the stoner crowd it is amusing.

After having helped capture wanted gangster Sonny Talia (Paul Sorvino - The Rocketeer) and buying it off one of his testicles in the process agent 11, the canine companion of Murdoch (Michael Clarke Duncan - The Green Mile) is placed on the witness protection program when it becomes clear that Sonny has put a hit out on his head. Meanwhile dogphobic slacker postal worker Gordon (David Arquette - Scream 3) trying to get on the good side of his neighbour Stephanie (Leslie Bibb) steps in to baby-sit her son James (Angus T. Jones) when the babysitter lets them down and has to take him on his route with him. It is whilst working that agent 11 ends up with them when he runs from a couple of heavies and they end up naming him Spot.

See Spot Run (2001) starring David Arquette, Michael Clarke Duncan, Leslie Bibb, Joe Viterelli, Angus T. Jones

Story wise there is no doubt that "See Spot Run" is a children's movie, from the comedy of a gangster putting a hit out on a dog to the slacker Gordon trying to impress his neighbour by babysitting her kid. It throws up all the expected jokes such as inept heavies being made a fool off by a dog to Gordon being inept at looking after a young boy, giving him too much sugar till he is hyperactive.

But the thing about "See Spot Run" is the level of comedy which makes me think this isn't suitable for children and more suitable for stoners wanting some morning after entertainment. Take for example a scene where Gordon's friend Benny pulls a stripper movie by saying he can pick up a $5 dollar bill with his butt. yes Anthony Anderson's agility is impressive but for children is that right. And then there are the jokes around agent 11 biting off one of Sonny's testicles. I could go on because there are a lot of jokes which also include ending up in dog poo which to me isn't children's entertainment but amusing for adults suffering a hangover.

As for the acting well the likes of Paul Sorvino, once more cast as a mob boss tones it down as do his heavies as they end up playing the inept fools. And Michael Clarke Duncan as Murdoch is amusing as the big tough dog trainer who has a comical sensitive side. But again David Arquette's inept slacker character just seems wrong for a children's movie.

What this all boils down to is that if you have woken up with a hangover and want some daft fun then "See Spot Run" will amuse but as children's entertainment is questionable.

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