Serena (1962) starring Patrick Holt, Emrys Jones, Honor Blackman, Bruce Beeby directed by Peter Maxwell Movie Review

Serena (1962)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Honor Blackman and Emrys Jones in Serena (1962)

Butchering Art

Artist Howard Rogers (Emrys Jones) receives a visit from Scotland Yard Inspector Gregory (Patrick Holt) as they have discovered a woman murdered in an isolated Surrey cottage who they believe to be his wife Ann (Honor Blackman). Gregory suspects Howard as not only was it well known that he wanted to leave his wife for a model by the name of Serena but he had also been out shooting that day around the time of the murder. But things become much more complicated when Howard goes to identify the body as it turns out to not be Ann and then Ann shows up saying that she had left a model at the cottage who must be the victim. But who did the killing as Gregory discovers that Howard's alibi stands up?

Butcher's Film Service is not a very glamorous name and almost gives you an impression of a back alley film company knocking out hastily put together movies on the butcher's block using meat cleavers to cut the film. And in truth Butcher's were well known for their quick, low budget movies and whilst many ended up forgettable some were not half bad. Thankfully "Serena" is one of those which is kind of not half bad thanks to its storyline which is just twisted enough to draw you in and keep you involved without it going too far and becoming ridiculous.

But whilst the story is kind of good everything else about "Serena" is ordinary from Patrick Holt's stiff characterisation as Inspector Gregory to the static camera work which whilst solid lacks flair. It means that whilst the story may draw you in and last with you for a few days you will probably forget the characters and the actors quite quickly after the movie finished with maybe the exception of Honor Blackman who frankly is memorable because of her beauty more than because of her character.

What this all boils down to is that "Serena" is another one of those movies made in Britain during the 60s which frankly have been forgotten about and after watching once you will know why as whilst not terrible is so completely ordinary that you start forgetting things before the movie is even over.