Seven Dollars on the Red (1966) Anthony Steffen, Elisa Montés, Fernando Sancho, Roberto Miali Movie Review

Seven Dollars on the Red (1966)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Anthony Steffen in Seven Dollars on the Red (1966)

Canned Spaghetti

Whilst Johnny Ashley (Anthony Steffen) was working away from home the ruthless bandit El Cachal (Fernando Sancho) and his gang attacked his home, murdering everyone except his young son who they abducted. When Johnny returns home he sees what has been done and makes it his quest to find his son. But as time passes Johnny's boy grows up bad just like El Cachal.

When I think Spaghetti Western my mind turns to bad acting, bad dialogue, bad dubbing and usually a pretty woman being treated badly and "Seven Dollars on the Red" ticks every single one of those boxes. But whilst those are the things I think of when I think Spaghetti Western they certainly are not what in my book makes a good one and sadly these bad things end up dominating "Seven Dollars on the Red" to the point at times it begins to resemble a spoof Spaghetti Western.

The thing is if you can get past the poor dubbing, El Cachal continually saying "Come on muchachos" then you do have the tragic storyline of a father searching for his abducted son who in the passing years has turned bad. But whilst it is a tragic storyline it isn't original and the abducted western storyline has been done quite a few times and done a lot better than this. In truth the only semi decent thing in "Seven Dollars on the Red" is the action although even then that is a bit hit and miss dependant on who the actor is delivering it.

What this all boils down to is that "Seven Dollars on the Red" is for me a weak, cliche ridden spaghetti western which whilst having an okay story is nothing new. In fact the most memorable thing about "Seven Dollars on the Red" is that it features many of the bad elements which people think of when they think about Spaghetti Westerns.