Seven Thunders (1957) Stephen Boyd, James Robertson Justice, Tony Wright, Anna Gaylor, Kathleen Harrison Movie Review

Seven Thunders (1957)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Anna Gaylor and Stephen Boyd in Seven Thunders (1957)

Thunder in Marseilles

Having escaped from prison of war camps Dave (Stephen Boyd) and Jim (Tony Wright) are paired up by the resistance and transported to Marseille to wait for the right time to make the last leg of their escape back to England. But things become complicated for Dave as he comes to the aid of the attractive Lise (Anna Gaylor) who becomes besotted with him despite him having a girlfriend back home. With the Nazis becoming frustrated by what is clearly going on in Marseille they plan to destroy the crime quarter putting Dave and Jim in more danger. More that they realise when Jim decides to try and get help from 'Dr.' Martout (James Robertson Justice) who no one realises in fact a serial killer.

"Seven Thunders" is one of the most curious war movies I have come across as it doesn't seem to be out the war. Okay so we have Nazi occupied France, escaped prisoners of war and various other typical elements but they are never the sole focus of the movie. Instead we have the romance which forms between Dave and Lise who despite having a woman back home can't resist the petit French woman's charms, quite understandable as there is something quite alluring when it comes to Anna Gaylor. But this is the last thing you might be expecting from a war movie about prisoners of war on the run.

Tony Wright and Kathleen Harrison in Seven Thunders (1957)

But a romantic storyline is nothing compared to having a serial killer one with Dr. Martout and his ability to make people who need his help disappear. It is a curious idea even though it is actually worked well in to the storyline to give it some danger. On the subject of which James Robertson Justice also seems to be enjoying playing the role giving the character of Martout a creepy but strong attitude.

The thing about "Seven Thunders" is that it is curious which is part of the reason it keeps you watching but it is also beautifully shot with some beautiful street scenes. In fact whilst many of the romantic scenes appear overly posed there is something quite striking seeing Anna Gaylor and Stephen Boy together.

What this all boils down to is that "seven Thunders" is a curious movie because it isn't really what you expect from a prisoner of war movie and that along with the appealing cast and cinematography keeps you involved.