Shattered Memories (2018) Elizabeth Bogush, Eddie Kaye Thomas, Brad Schmidt, Sarah Lind, Philip Boyd, Victoria Barabas, Mark Famiglietti, Walker Borba, Jonathan Daviss, Meg DeLacy, Stephanie Bast Movie Review

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Elizabeth Bogush in Shattered Memories (2018)

Imperfect Picture

Waking up dazed and confused, Holly (Elizabeth Bogush) discovers it's Sunday morning and that in the bed next to her is a guy called Ray (Brad Schmidt) who she had previously had an affair with but called it off. Trouble is Ray is stone cold dead and Holly remembers absolutely nothing about the night before. Immediately taking matters in to her own hands she seeks the help of her sisters in order to remember what happened last night as all she knows she went to a party hosted by one of her sisters and her other sister was there, so was Ray.

I know who knows what happened last night in the movie "Shattered Memories", that would be writer and director Chris Sivertson. I say that because "Shattered Memories" is a flashback movie which skips about all over the place with scenes after Holly woke up, scenes from the night before and scenes from before that as we discover that Holly had an affair with Ray despite being married, called time on it, upset her sister and... well I am not entirely sure because I have to admit that I kind of lost track of what was going on.

But here is where things go from bad to worse because the characters in "Shattered Memories" are so uninteresting that if you do lose track of what is going on, which is basically Holly discovering what happened, you don't care enough to try and get back into it. On top of that the styling and the acting throughout "Shattered Memories" has an almost soap opera quality, not as in over the top but every scene seems to be an intense moment between two characters or Holly sitting in her car thinking through what she is learning.

What this all boils down to is that "Shattered Memories" probably works for those in the know what is going on before the movie starts. But for those who get thrown into the middle of the confusion it doesn't draw you in to the mystery of the murder and the events of the night before.