She Drives Me Crazy (2007) starring Melinda Clarke, Krista Bridges, Michael Seater, Chris Potter, Richard Quesnel directed by Eleanor Lindo Movie Review

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Krista Bridges in She Drives Me Crazy (2007)

She Ain't Heavy, She's My Sister

A while back I reviewed a TV movie called "Bonneville" which was a pleasant, sentimental drama about a recently widowed woman taking a road trip with two friends and as I started to watch "She Drives Me Crazy" it reminded me of that movie. You see "She Drives Me Crazy" is firstly a TV movie but is also a sentimental drama about a recently widowed woman forced to go on a road trip with her sister who she doesn't see eye to eye with. What happens on this road trip well to be honest a lot of predictable stuff from some bonding, old issues laid to rest and a few typical road trip incidents as well as a surprise or two. All of which is pleasant, at times a little cheesy but over all enjoyable especially for those who are fond of sentimental TV movies.

Following the death of her husband Virginia Valenti (Krista Bridges - Wandering Eye) is struggling, she ignores the phone, doesn't open the mail and her son Pete (Michael Seater) and estranged sister Blithe (Melinda Clarke) are worried about her. That is why Blithe forces her to go on a road trip with her back to their home town in the hope she can snap Virginia out of her depression. But Blithe has ulterior motives for going on this road trip as there are old family issues which need to be laid to rest as well as a desire to see her ex husband Hank (Chris Potter - The Good Witch's Gift) who despite being in love with each other wanted different things from life when they were married.

Melinda Clarke in She Drives Me Crazy (2007)

Now I watch a lot of movies and when "She Drives Me Crazy" got to the point where Virginia and Blithe start their road trip I knew pretty much how this movie was going to play out. And for the most it didn't stray from what I anticipated, there was some arguing between sisters, some old family issues dealt with and personal problems as well as some typical car trouble. All of which was fun and engaging but ultimately predictable as were some typical TV movie issues which felt seriously out of place such as when Virginia has a make over and has a "wow" moment, a scene which was excruciatingly cheesy.

But beyond the obvious "She Drives Me Crazy" has another layer which in itself isn't much of a shock but that layer which is Blithe's ulterior motive for this journey is a bit of a surprise, well one which is hinted at when we get to the midway point. It gives the movie that extra layer of sentiment which for some will be too much whilst for others will be lovely. For me it was lovely, handled nicely and made the movie complete by having this even though again it lead to a bit of a cheesy moment.

The thing is that basically "She Drives Me Crazy" was quite predictable for me but I kept watching partly because I enjoy these sort of easy to watch movies but also because of Melinda Clarke as Blithe and Krista Bridges as Virginia. Their characters may border on the cliche but Melinda and Krista have great chemistry between them which means when they argue it is amusing but you warm to each of them as we get to know them and find joy in the fact that the end up bonding.

What this all boils down to is that "She Drives Me Crazy" is an entertaining, slightly touching and enjoyable TV movie which if you are fond of sentimental movies will be a pleasure to watch. It isn't a great movie and recycles ideas which other movies have already used but it is watchable with nice performances from Melinda Clarke and Krista Bridges.