She Woke Up (1992) Lindsay Wagner, David Dukes, Frances Sternhagen, Maureen Mueller Movie Review

She Woke Up (1992)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Lindsay Wagner in She Woke Up (1992)

I Didn't Wake Up

Whilst soaking in the bath, millionaire heiress Claudia Parr (Lindsay Wagner) is attacked by someone dressed in black and left for dead. She didn't die but was left in a coma for over a year whilst her husband was suspected of being behind the attempted murder due to marital issues but nothing could be proved. Then to everyone's surprises Claudia emerges from her coma completely unaware of what has happened. But with the police able to now talk to her it becomes apparent that along with her husband her stepmother and her half sister all are suspects with motives for trying to kill her off.

On paper "She Woke Up" sounds like a reasonable made for TV thriller with various suspects who have motives for trying to bump of the wealthy Claudia Parr; there is a greedy husband, a jealous and greedy half sister as well as a step mother who in fact was divorced from Claudia's father and didn't get a slice of the wealth and so yes she is both jealous and greedy. Did I mention greed as that is a huge slice of what this movie trades on, the glamorous life of Claudia and the greed as well as jealousy of those around her.

Sadly whilst there is greed there isn't much else to "She Woke Up" other than some "Dynasty" style glamour and a lot of soap style over acting. The worst thing is that the whole thing is so lethargic that not once, even during the opening bathroom attack scene, does it grab you attention. It seems that director Waris Hussein realised this and in order to grab your attention there are a few occasions where we gets Lindsay Wagner teasingly shot from behind with apparently nothing on. It is a cheap trick which does little to draw the audience in to the actual mystery of who tried to kill Claudia and why.

What this all boils down to is that "She Woke Up" might have entertained more back in the day when soaps such as "Dynasty" enthralled audiences but now it comes across as over the top and sadly not very enthralling often relying on the attractive nature of Lindsay Wagner to try and tantalize the audience.