Sisters of the Groom (2016) Malese Jow, Jeremy Sumpter, Savannah Jayde, Annie Tedesco, Matthew Atkinson Movie Review

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Malese Jow and Jeremy Sumpter in Sisters of the Groom (2016)

Catering for Love

Sarah (Malese Jow - Presumed Dead in Paradise) is a culinary student who whilst in town before heading to Thailand is not only helping her sister with her catering company but also apartment sitting for a friend. It is whilst apartment sitting that she meets Jason (Jeremy Sumpter - Peter Pan) who lives down stairs and does not take kindly to her loud music and dancing in the middle of the night. But circumstances bring the two together when Sarah goes to a company to pitch for business for her sister and finds herself having to deal with Jason again as it is his father's family business, one which he isn't really keen on being a part of as he has a passion for gardening. But Jason has other problems as his sisters are trying to set him up with his ex who desperately wants him back. So he persuades Sarah to pretend to be his girlfriend at his brother's wedding in return for putting more business her sister's way. What neither expects is to find them selves getting on so well and at the same time Sarah's sister, Molly (Savannah Jayde - Space Warriors), finds herself reconnecting with her ex, Ben (Matthew Atkinson - Inspired to Kill), who is also in the culinary business.

So "Sisters of the Groom" is a Pixl movie and what I have often found with Pixl movies is that whilst they are very similar to Hallmark movies you often get more when it comes to the storyline. And that is what you get in "Sisters of the Groom" as to start with we have this seemingly routine romantic comedy as Sarah agrees to be Jason's date to a family wedding to get his match making sisters of his case as well as a manipulative ex. And you know before the movie even gets going that they will end up getting to know each other and falling in love despite their initial dislike of each other, whilst the manipulative ex is willing to spoil everything.

But we also get more in the line of sub plots in "Sisters of the Groom" as we have Molly agreeing to work for her ex, Ben, and finding herself falling for his charms all over again but has issues over his devotion to work. And then we also have one of Jason's sisters who with her husband are trying to adopt but she is struggling with disappointment of previous failures. I won't go in to detail for the simple reason that it is the subplots which give "Sisters of the Groom" the variation from the routine stuff especially as they all end up interweaving.

What this all boils down to is that "Sisters of the Groom" is a charming TV movie but one with the benefit that alongside all the easy to watch, predictable light weight fun are a series of storylines which nicely interweave to paint a bigger picture when the movie enters its final third.