Snowglobe (2007) Christina Milian, Erin Karpluk, Matt Keeslar, Hilda Doherty, Jason Schombing Movie Review

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Christina Milian in Snowglobe (2007)

A Winter's Fairytale

Angela Moreno (Christina Milian - Man of the House) loves her family but with a Cuban father and an Italian mother to say her life is not her own is an under statement. Having ended up working at the family deli she wants more and when she isn't there working she finds her family invading her space when they just let themselves into her apartment. To add to Angela's issues is her mum and dad's constant attempts to set her up and marry her off so they can have more grand children. But when Angela receives a snowglobe she discovers it has a magic side which transports her into another world where people celebrate Christmas in the traditional way which is exactly what she longs for especially when she meets the handsome Doug (Matt Keeslar - Scream 3) there. But then something happens and Angela has to decide between the permanently perfect Christmas in the Snowglobe or the real world with her family and a handsome neighbour.

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire, stockings hanging over the fire waiting for Santa to arrive, a beautifully decorated Christmas tree surrounded by perfectly wrapped presents done up with bows and snow falling on Christmas day where everyone is kind to everyone else as the perfectly cooked lavish feast appears on the table. Fanciful isn't it but thanks to Christmas movies, TV and adverts those are just some of the things that many of us find ourselves longing for when it comes to Christmas and the image of what Christmas once was or what we think it once was. It is also the basis for "Snowglobe" which sees the harassed Angela escaping to her dream of what Christmas should be.

What that means is that "Snowglobe" is really a movie about the grass being greener on the other side as Angela is faced with this visually perfect Christmas world which lacks depth and drama or her world which has its stresses and strains as well as pushy parents which is a lot more interesting than her simplistic fantasy Christmas world. Yes "Snowglobe" doesn't have a great deal going on and is full of typical comedy such as Angela's pushy mother when it comes to fixing her up, to the utter picture postcard fake ness of her perfect Christmas where everyone is nice to each other and nothing is a bother. Yes there is some romantic rivalry stuff going on as well alongside some fish out of water comedy but it is all at a level which will appeal to young teens.

That to be honest is about it and "Snowglobe" is one of those on the surface Christmas movies which are all about the visual appeal. At the centre of this is Christina Milian who has teen appeal as does Erin Karpluk who plays her friend Claire but as I keep on saying there is no depth to any of this and it is all about how the movie looks rather than what is going on.

What this all boils down to is that "Snowglobe" is a fun little movie which works well for the young teen crowd with its easy on the eye simple romantic comedy. But whilst it features an interesting idea about the dream Christmas we often think we want it doesn't really explore the idea.

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