Sonic Impact (1999) James Russo, Ice-T , Michael Harris, Sam Anderson, J. Kenneth Campbell, Mel Harris Movie Review

Sonic Impact (1999)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Michael Harris in Sonic Impact (1999)

Executive Turbulence for Die Hard Passenger

Agent Nick Halton's (James Russo - Donnie Brasco) pursuit of the evil Jeremy Barrett (Michael Harris) has cost him his marriage and almost his life. But finally Halton has got his man and now Agent Taja (Ice-T - Final Voyage) and his team are transporting him by plane to his destination, a commercial flight which is also transporting a couple of small time prisoners. When an engine fire puts the plane in danger Barrett not only manages to escape and kill two of the agents but takes control of the plane. When news reached the FBI that Barrett has control of the plane they summon Nick who plans to daringly get aboard the plane, whilst still in flight, to wrestle back control. Easier said than done!

"Sonic Impact" is one of those movies you might have never watched before yet at the same time it feels like you have. The whole set up of a prisoner being transported by plane is not only reminiscent to "Turbulence" from 1997 but also "Passenger 57" from 1992. Then you have Jeremy Barrett who looks like he might be a relative of Hans Gruber from "Die Hard". But then we have the whole daring mission to get an agent aboard the plane which sounds a bit like "Executive Decision" from 1996. I picked those movies just from memory but I am sure there are others I could find with a little bit of effort as there is little about "Sonic Impact" which doesn't feel like a cliche.

Now here is the thing. If like me you have watched all those other movies then "Sonic Impact" is going to be a tedious, weak imitation which never thrills, never really delivers great action and the characters are as bad as some of the dialogue. But for those in 1999 who were just getting in to action movies, well watching Ice-T kicking a bad guys butt with his hands cuffed behind his back is likely to be at least a little entertaining whilst Michael Harris makes for a pretty sadistic bad guy who is definitely in that Hans Gruber mould.

What this all boils down to is that for me "Sonic Impact" is a poor imitation of a lot of other movies with the only good thing being Michael Harris who makes for an entertaining bad guy.