Spike Island (2012) Elliott Tittensor, Nico Mirallegro, Jordan Murphy, Adam Long Movie Review

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Elliott Tittensor in Spike Island (2012)

One for the Roses

Summers here and The Stone Roses are about to play Spike Island, the must be at gig for anyone who is a serious fan. For five friends lead by Gary (Elliott Tittensor) it is the perfect opportunity to hand their idols their demo tape. But when their tickets never show up the friends must do what ever it takes to get there along the way ending up finding their friendships tested and new friendships and relationships forming.

I remember during my last year at school there were those, myself included, who were into heavy metal, there were others who were into more pop type music and then there was this one guy who was into The Stone Roses. I say this because theoretically "Spike Island" should appeal to me as whilst a fictitious story I would have been about the same age as the guys in this movie. Yet because I wasn't into The Stone Roses "Spike Island" doesn't have the same impact as it clearly has with others who were into that scene.

But even if The Stone Roses were not your thing "Spike Island" is quite simply a coming of age movie where a group of friends in pursuit of their goal, which is making it to Spike Island. There are some misadventures, come comedy, a stolen van which you guessed it runs out of petrol and plenty more. But as I mentioned friendships are tested as things don't go to plan whilst getting close to the fairer sex also puts a strain on things The trouble is that it is all kind of standard stuff and it is the whole being a fan of The Stone Roses which gives the movie its specific appeal.

What this all boils down to is that "Spike Island" is for me a pretty standard coming of age movie with some familiar themes when it comes to friendships and what seems important. But for those who are fans of The Stone Roses it is sure to have some sort of nostalgic charm which will make it all the more entertaining