Stalked by My Patient (2018) (aka: Deadly Patient | Intensive Care) Bree Williamson, Eddie Matos, Brody Hutzler, Judi Evans, Laura Wright Movie Review

Stalked by My Patient (2018)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Bree Williamson in Stalked by My Patient (2018) (aka: Deadly Patient | Intensive Care)

The Stalker will See You Now

Dr. Hillary Spenser (Bree Williamson - Love You to Death) is not only in a committed relationship to John (Brody Hutzler - The Wrong Nanny), an architect, but she is also very good at her job at the local hospital. But the attention she gives her patients brings her some problems when she finds herself with Gregory Lipton (Eddie Matos) as one of her patients. Having been hospitalised due to a gas leak which also killed his girlfriend, Gregory becomes infatuated with Dr. Spenser leading to her becoming concerned enough to refer him to her friend, Dr. Hanson (Laura Wright), a psychiatrist. But it soon becomes clear to Hillary that Gregory has become completely obsessed with her and is capable of anything and doesn't shy away from letting her know what he is up to.

Yes "Stalked by My Patient", which is not only know as "Deadly Patient" but also "Intensive Care", is another one of those movies where we have a deranged individual who is both a stalker but also capable of killing. And yes that sounds pretty typical as we have Hillary dealing with Gregory, a patient who shows signs of being obsessed with her and is capable of lots of dangerous things as he is delusional and convinced she will be his. But what makes "Stalked by My Patient" a bit more than what you usually get is that Gregory is not only very good when it comes to stalking but he is blatant with it, knowing just how far he can go before he is caught. And it works because you become more invested in Hillary and John's nightmare situation and to be honest entertained by Gregory's blatant stalking.

Eddie Matos in Stalked by My Patient (2018) (aka: Deadly Patient | Intensive Care)

The thing though about "Stalked by My Patient" is that the majority of the characters are typical and they include Hillary and John even though Bree Williamson and Brody Hutzler play them well. But the star "Stalked by My Patient" is very much Eddie Matos who not only has a creepy smile but has those dark eyes which make you believe he is completely delusional, living in a fantasy world of his own creation.

What this all boils down to is that "Stalked by My Patient" ends up not so much an enthralling thriller but an entertaining one thanks to the performance of Eddie Matos who gives his character that extra edge to make him unhinged.