Static (2012) Movie Review

Static (2012)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Milo Ventimiglia in Static (2012)

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Having lost their young son in an accident both Jonathan (Milo Ventimiglia - That's My Boy) and his wife Addie (Sarah Shahi) are struggling with not only heartbreak but also keeping their marriage going. But one night they are woken by a banging at their door and on investigating meet Rachel (Sara Paxton - Shark Night 3D) a young woman who says she was attacked when her car suffered problems. Not able to find anything Jonathan suggests to be on the safe side she should stay with them till morning. But that is when strange, dark things begin to happen as they find themselves under attack from what appears to be a bunch of mask wearing hooligans.

"Static" is one of those movies you need to have patience with in order to get the pay off as to what is really going on only to find yourself questioning whether the wait for it to become clear was really worth it. Now for some people it will be as director Todd Levin has undoubtedly delivered a movie with a specific styling with people talking on hushed voices in poorly lit rooms. And he certainly doesn't appear to be in any rush to deliver any sort of revelation even when the strangeness starts to kick off. But as someone who is not overly fond of slow movies where people speak in hushed tones I have to say the styling was one of the problems I had with "Static" with it constantly being a barrier to my involvement with what was unfolding.

Sara Paxton in Static (2012)

The thing is that whilst I found "Static" far too often on the slow and tedious side with scenes which seemed to be repetitive it does have an entertaining idea and it does give us clues to what is really going on which if you are paying attention have the potential to make you guess the final big twist. Without giving things a way "Static" is a movie which when you first realise is going on you might think so what but then there is a further reveal which could make you smile. "Static" also features a good performance from Milo Ventimiglia who in many ways is the movie's strength as it is his performance and his character's likeability which keeps you watching when the story seems to be struggling to go anywhere.

What this all boils down to is that "Static" ends up a 50/50 movie for me as it had some things which I really liked and others which I really didn't. But the biggest issue for me was the quiet styling which attempted to create atmosphere ended up making it hard going until the reveals start to happen.