Stolen Child (2012) Emmanuelle Vaugier, Scott Elrod, Corbin Bernsen, Joanna Pacula Movie Review

Stolen Child (2012)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Emmanuelle Vaugier and Scott Elrod in Stolen Child (2012)

Baby Brokers

Amanda (Emmanuelle Vaugier - Killer Mountain) and John (Scott Elrod - Uncorked) have always wanted to have a baby but after years of trying and seeking fertility treatment it seemed like they would never be destined to be parents. That is why they approached an adoption agency who finds them the seemingly perfect daughter from Europe. And for a while everything is fine but then things start to happen which make Amanda suspicious; from a visit to the doctors with their baby to discrepancies on the paperwork, let alone that there seems to be someone following them around. It leads to Amanda going to the police and that is when the dangerous truth comes out.

True story movies come in all shapes and sizes, some aim for gritty realism others go for ease of understanding. Then there are the other typess, those which are inspired by a true story and end up coming across like a cliche piece of made for television fiction. Made for TV movie "Stolen Child" is one which fits in to the latter group and frankly is a forgettable movie as well with what seems to be an emphasis on look over content and what content there is only turns out to be cliche.

The trouble with "Stolen Child" is that the basic storyline only ever seems to be there as a vehicle for some cliche scenes. As such whilst we have this storyline of baby stealing and unwittingly illegal adoptions what we get are scenes of Amanda having a premonition style nightmare of her baby being stolen, her dogged need to uncover the truth, a thuggish looking heavy in a van following her around and basically a lot more typical nonsense which you could find in plenty of other made for TV movies, especially those which appear on the Lifetime Channel.

And the other typical thing which "Stolen Child" has going on is a good looking cast led by Emmanuelle Vaugier and Scott Elrod which means we also have some typical scenes of them being cute parents, going to the beach, painting the nursery and living in a house which would make most people jealous. But these characters have no depth what so ever and do things which normal people wouldn't do.

What this all boils down to is that "Stolen Child" is on one hand a missed opportunity to deliver a decent drama about the illegal adoption business. But instead what we get is a typical made for TV drama which is more focused on the look and being easy to watch.