Stolen Dreams (2015) (aka: Are You My Daughter?) Brooke Langton, Peter Benson, Stephanie Bennett, Mike Dopud, Jerry Wasserman, Lydia Campbell Movie Review

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Brooke Langton in Stolen Dreams (2015) (aka: Are You My Daughter?)

Darling Daughter

It was 14 years ago when Laura (Brooke Langton - Impact Earth) and Richard Paddington's (Mike Dopud - Icetastrophe) four year old daughter Zoe went missing and since then their marriage ended due to Laura's inability to move on with things. But now Laura, having become an attorney and met Jacob (Peter Benson - Real Murders: An Aurora Teagarden Mystery), a father from a support group who also lost a child, things are slowly improving. But it is during her regular volunteer work in the missing children field that she meets a teenager called Rebecca (Stephanie Bennett) who Laura is convinced is her daughter Zoe. With Richard insisting that Laura gets in touch with now retired FBI agent Garwin (Jerry Wasserman), as he is not convinced everything is as it seems.

For a while when a TV movie was made with a storyline surrounding child abduction it was always a look at how it affected the parents from issues of guilt and division over moving on to what it was like being a suspect after the immediate abduction. But in recent years these movies have slowly transformed in to thrillers where the focus isn't on the effects of the abduction but using it as the jumping off point for a thriller where things end up not what they seemed. And that is what you get in "Stolen Dreams", which is also known as "Are You My Daughter?", as we have this mum reunited with her abducted child 14 years later but clearly things are not as they appear. So the questions are who is Rebecca and who is she working with? I won't give you the possibilities but I am sure as you watch "Stolen Dreams" you will begin to suspect certain things.

Now to be honest whilst I found myself thinking certain things as I watched "Stolen Dreams" when it comes to what was going on it still kept me involved. There is enough soap opera acting, with evil glares and suspicious mannerisms, which draws you in to the drama and reinforcing what you think to the point you wonder whether you will end up being double crossed by a twist ending. Although some of the cliche dialogue it drops in to the mix ends up a little too cringe worthy, "the three musketeers, that's what we called ourselves" is simply corny.

What this all boils down to is that "Stolen Dreams" is pretty much a routine take on the thriller built around an abducted child storyline. But it is also an entertaining one with a nice look and some entertaining acting.