Stolen from the Heart (2000) Movie Review

Stolen from the Heart (2000)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Tracey Gold in Stolen from the Heart (2000)

Another Stolen from the Womb Movie

Leslie Wagner (Tracey Gold - To Face Her Past) thinks things are great as she has a handsome cowboy boyfriend and has discovered she is pregnant, and nothing no one, not even her older sister, is going to spoil things for her. That is until her handsome boyfriend leaves in the middle of the night with no letter or reason. What Leslie doesn't realise is that Karen (Lisa Zane - Murder in My House), a former prostitute married to Cody (William R. Moses - Alone with a Stranger), a drug dealer, is behind her boyfriend leaving as she is planning on stealing Leslie's child when it is born to pass of as her own so that Cody won't divorce her and throw her back on to the street. When Karen starts to put her plans in to action it unsurprisingly puts a strain on Leslie but also her mother Ruth (Barbara Mandrell) who has a heart problem.

"Stolen from the Heart" starts with some impressive scenes of some rodeo riding which in truth beyond setting up the fact that Leslie has been seeing a cowboy have little to do with the rest of the movie. As for the rest of the movie, well "Stolen from the Heart" is yet another made for TV movie which is all about a pregnant woman dealing with the abduction of her baby. Now there certainly is some drama to this thanks to the twisted nature of Karen but beyond that this is a movie with little in the way of surprises when it comes to the storyline. Even the added subplot of Leslie's mother, Ruth, have a heart condition doesn't add a great deal to the movie as Leslie takes matters in to her own hands.

Lisa Zane in Stolen from the Heart (2000)

The trouble is that "Stolen from the Heart" just doesn't have the types of characters who draw you in; on one hand Leslie ends up quite an annoying character whilst Karen is so under written that Lisa Zane can't make her evil enough to then cause us to sympathise more with Leslie. And then there is William R. Moses playing a bad guy, a set up which never works for me despite him doing a reasonable job of making Cody a dangerous individual. In truth part of the issue throughout "Stolen from the Heart" is that there is some over acting as the actors struggle to play parts which don't appear to have been written fully.

What this all boils down to is that "Stolen from the Heart" didn't do much for me beyond being average due to it featuring a pretty generic storyline. But the worst thing is that the cast were far too often forced to over act to try and make their characters interesting.