Storm Catcher (1999) Dolph Lundgren, Mystro Clark, Jon Pennel, Robert Miano, Yvonne Zima, Kylie Bax, Jody Jones Movie Review

Storm Catcher (1999)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Dolph Lundgren in Storm Catcher (1999)

Catcher in the Sky

Major Jack Holloway (Dolph Lundgren - Blackjack) is the test pilot for a very special plane called the Storm Catcher. Unfortunately General William Jacobs (Robert Miano - Hijack) plans to go rogue and use the plane to bomb Washington and in doing so framing Holloway for the murder of several men along with the theft of the plane. But Holloway's nightmare is not over as Jacobs still needs his help to complete the mission and so threatens to murder Holloway's wife, Jessica (Kylie Bax), and their daughter, Nicole (Yvonne Zima - Chasing Secrets), unless he co-operates. Fortunately for Holloway he has an ally in Captain 'Sparks' Johnson (Mystro Clark) as he is the plane's computer specialist.

I am guessing when they made "Storm Catcher" the studio looked which action star was not already busy for a couple of weeks and hired who ever was free to star in this. I say that because "Storm Catcher" is as generic as they come with an innocent man set up for a military crime he didn't commit and having to work in the shadows to try and prove his innocence and save his family whilst also stopping the bad guys. It is so generic that the character Dolph Lundgren plays has been written in such an anonymous, character less manner that anyone could have played him and Lundgren doesn't get to put any of his own personality in to the character or action scenes.

The thing about "Storm Catcher" is that whilst as a whole it isn't that great with a familiar storyline, generic characters and to be honest action which is cut to shreds in the editing room it does have a look. As such I almost wonder whether the director, location scout and cinematographer decided even before the movie was made that the best thing they could do is to concentrate on using settings to make up for the movie's other generic failings.

What this all boils down to is that "Storm Catcher" offers up little for those who watch as fans of Dolph Lundgren and doesn't deliver much for those who watch for the action either. But whilst not the greatest of action movies it does have a look which is better than the movie deserves.