Straightheads (2007) (aka: Closure) starring Danny Dyer, Gillian Anderson, Adam Rayner, Antony Byrne directed by Dan Reed Movie Review

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Gillian Anderson in Straightheads (2007) (aka: Closure)

An Eye for an Eye

Twenty Three year old Adam (Danny Dyer) couldn't believe his luck when having installed a wireless security system for sexy business woman Alice (Gillian Anderson) she sets about seducing him, takes him to a posh party and then has him in the bushes. But luck turns to a nightmare when on the way home they are stopped by a gang of locals who beat Adam senseless and gang rape Alice. Whilst Adam feels guilt and less of a man for not being able to protect Alice she is filled with anger and when some time later she returns to the area where the attack happened and discovers where the gang lives she wants her revenge. With an unsure Adam in tow Alice sets about getting her revenge which not only brings out her violent side but also Adams.

On the surface level "Straightheads", which goes by the name of "Closure" in America, seems just another revenge movie. We see how the unlikely couple of successful and wealthy career woman Alice and her bit of rough Adam end up seeking revenge for what happened to them in the woods as they returned from a party. As such on the surface "Straightheads" is comparable to a whole range of movies although those who know their 70s movies will immediately think of Sam Peckinpah's "Straw Dogs".

Danny Dyer in Straightheads (2007) (aka: Closure)

But "Straightheads" wants to be more than just another revenge movie with the gender roles reversed with Alice being initially the dominant person in the relationships who the day after being gang raped is already thinking of her revenge. And that means that Danny Dyer's Adam is the one who suffers from the attack; scared to go out, physically damaged having lost an eye and in feeling guilt for not being able to protect Alice is unable to perform sexually. And Adam's crisis goes further as when Alice decides she wants revenge it is he who struggles with it, getting drunk to deal with the pain of everything.

The thing is with "Straightheads" is that whilst the idea is a good one and it has some interesting ideas it doesn't build them in a completely coherent manner. For some reason the story seems to be in a rush to get to the revenge bit and so doesn't build properly. I can appreciate why as when it gets to the revenge part we get the conflicts which come from their actions and how those not directly involved end up affected but still it feels like it is unfinished.

What this all boils down to is that "Straightheads" is a good movie and has an interesting angle on a familiar story but it could have been so much better. Despite this the odd couple of Danny Dyer and Gillian Anderson works remarkably well which is not what I expected.