Summer in the City (2016) Julianna Guill, Marc Bendavid, Vivica A. Fox, Natasha Henstridge, Marla Sokoloff Movie Review

Summer in the City (2016)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Marc Bendavid and Julianna Guill in Summer in the City (2016)

Fashioning a Future

Taylor Morgan (Julianna Guill - Mine Games) knows her stuff when it comes to fashion which makes her a huge success at the small boutique she manages in her home town. It also brings her to the attention of Alyssa (Vivica A. Fox - The Wrong Roommate), the owner of A-Line, a high end Manhattan boutique, who wants to expand and wants Taylor to run her existing boutique. But having arrived in Manhattan, to run A-Line, Taylor finds not only everything to be a culture shock but it being incredibly difficult to bring her ability to pick the right fashion for the customers. Fortunately she makes some allies who encourage her to mix being herself but also being savvy, including realtor Phillip (Marc Bendavid - A Rose for Christmas).

Be yourself, be savvy, but be yourself. That my lovely readers is the message from today's Hallmark movie "Summer in the City". And for those who think more in terms of other movies they have watched then think of "Summer in the City" as a Hallmark variation on "Coyote Ugly" as we have the small town girl from Ohio trying to survive life in the big city and learns that she needs to stay true to who she is rather than trying to be like others. It is charming, fun and sweet but in the world of the Hallmark movie this is pretty standard stuff. But as I say on a surprisingly frequent basis, Hallmark knows who their audience is and makes movies for them which this clearly is.

As such "Summer in the City" relies as much on its cast as it does the storyline to appeal to the audience. Julianna Guill has this mix of Piper Perabo and Haylie Duff going on which makes her quite sweet as the small town girl standing out in the city. And Guill works well with Marc Bendavid when it comes to the humour of their friendship even though the romantic spark never quite takes off. But then this is also a Hallmark movie which scores high on the familiar faces with Vivica A. Fox, Natasha Henstridge and Marla Sokoloff all highly recognizable and entertaining in their parts.

What this all boils down to is that whilst "Summer in the City" doesn't stand out from the crowd it is a solid Hallmark movie which will entertain those who look forwards to a slice of Hallmark entertainment.