Surprised by Love (2015) Hilarie Burton, Paul Campbell, Wanda Cannon, Tim Conway, Aaron Craven, Sebastian Gacki Movie Review

Surprised by Love (2015)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Paul Campbell and Hilarie Burton in Surprised by Love (2015)

Not Surprised at All

Josie Mayfield (Hilarie Burton - Naughty or Nice) is the next in line when it comes to the family business, the Mayfield Cookware Company, and she takes that seriously, almost as seriously as her love for Richard (Aaron Craven - Harvest Love). Unfortunately for Josie her parents don't think as highly of Richard as she does. To make things more complicated Josie has recently bumped into Maxwell (Paul Campbell - Window Wonderland), her old school friend who is laid back, easy going, and lives each day as it comes. In order to try and make Josie's parents think more highly of him, Richard suggests that Josie take Maxwell to her parent's anniversary party, expecting them to dislike the laid back Maxwell and favour him instead. But the plan not only doesn't work but it leaves Josie facing a choice.

You don't need to be a connoisseur of Hallmark movies to know where "Surprised by Love" will go within minutes of it starting. We have are attractive young woman trying to make her parents happy by following in the family business, the stuffy, insensitive boyfriend and then the really nice guy who of course is better for are young woman. That sentence could be used in reviews of thousands of romantic comedies especially of the Hallmark variety and as such with Hilarie Burton and Paul Campbell starring in "Surprised by Love" they have the requisite attractive and likeable leads who look good together in scenes when their characters are having fun.

So really what I am saying is "Surprised by Love" offers up nothing new when it comes to the storyline and so is one of those movies you put on and kind of watch as you do other things because it never demands your full attention. But it does have some fun aspects from a Grandfather who pretends to be losing his marbles so that he can stay out of the family squabbles to a culinary creation involving box after box of Twinkies. Plus "Surprised by Love" has a certain charm be it Josie's parents and how they change to how Josie and Paul help her little sister when it comes to the boy next door, yes another romantic comedy cliche.

What this all boils down to is that "Surprised by Love" is nothing new and within seconds of it starting you know where it is going to go but along the way there are some fun bits whilst Hilarie Burton and Paul Campbell working well together to make it a pleasant distraction for some afternoon viewing.