Swarmed (2005) Michael Shanks, Carol Alt, Richard Chevolleau, Jonathan Malen, Maria Brooks, Balzs Kos, Tim Thomerson, Christopher Bondy, Ellen Dubin, Booth Savage Movie Review

Swarmed (2005)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Carol Alt and Michael Shanks in Swarmed (2005)

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Kent Horvath (Michael Shanks - Christmas Homecoming) has been working on a super strength pesticide to use on hornets, unfortunately not only does it only work on some hornets but those those who survive mutate to have super strength venom. Not only does it lead to the death of a janitor and a coroner but after Kent's friend, Q (Richard Chevolleau - The Perfect Stalker), decides to use the super strength pesticide when he is called to deal with a hornets nest it puts an entire town in danger. With the help of Cristina Brown (Carol Alt - Fatal Trust), a teacher, Kent must find a way of exterminating the hornets once and for all.

Oh no, run people they are coming to get you, yes a swarm of mutant hornets who seem to have a bone to pick with humans are on the loose and a pile of raw quarter pounders won't satisfy them. That pretty much sums up the nonsense which is "Swarmed" in one sentence and trust me I am going to struggle to say much which comes close to positive about this movie. In fact I will get the one positive out of the way with as in an early scene where the accident prone janitor accidentally unlatches the container containing a mutated hornet there is a genuine sense of fear seeing this mutated stinging machine crawling loose.

But beyond that one, early moment of fear "Swarmed" offers up nothing else other than formula driven drama with a small town in danger from a swarm of angry insects storyline. It doesn't even take it self seriously with minor characters with a comical side, yet it doesn't play things for laughs as more recent movies such as "Sharknado" have. It makes "Swarmed" weak and the sort of movie you might put on late at night when you are channel hopping when you can't sleep.

What this all boils down to is that "Swarmed" is another poor bug based horror movie with little in true sense of horror, little in the way of entertainment and barely anything to praise it for.