Taken Back: Finding Haley (2012) Moira Kelly, Amanda Tapping, Kacey Rohl, David Cubitt, Nicole Oliver, Alexandra Perry, Dee Jay Jackson, Max Chadburn Movie Review

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Moira Kelly in Taken Back: Finding Haley (2012)

Abducted Again

Karen (Moira Kelly - Chaplin) and her daughter, Haley, were having a fun day out together with Karen taking photos as Haley rode on the merry-go-round. But in a split second when Karen briefly took her eyes off of Haley she was gone, abducted and never to be seen again. Many years later and Karen has never given up hope that she will find her daughter even if that desire has cost her marriage and some might say her sanity. Then whilst working as a school photographer Karen spots a girl who she believes looks like her Haley.

I have a lot of time for actress Moira Kelly, she has something about her which one minute can radiate warmth but yet the next be full of sorrow and pain. And that is exactly what we get from Moira Kelly in "Taken Back: Finding Haley" lots of pain and sorrow as we are thrown into the world of Karen who is not only haunted by what happened at the amusement park but is unable to let go and accept that the chances of finding her daughter Haley are slim. As you would expect with "Taken Back: Finding Haley" there are moments which are a little over the top when it comes to the acting but it is still powerful stuff.

Kacey Rohl in Taken Back: Finding Haley (2012)

But that is just how Taken Back: Finding Haley starts because what we watch is how, more than a decade after losing Haley, Karen is still looking for her and using the school photography gig as a way to be able to keep on searching. It is a clever idea and of course it is the main story as she spots a young girl who she believes is how Haley would look now. But we get other elements included in this including Karen's friend Megan who is the voice of reason, concerned that after more than a decade Karen is doing herself no favours, living in the past and a danger to her self as well as others when it comes to finding Haley.

Now all of which sounds quite ordinary especially if you have watched other child abduction movies but then there is the twist. I won't say what that twist is but whilst you get the ending which you expect from the word go the journey there is not as clean cut as you would imagine. How much of this relates to the true story which "Taken Back: Finding Haley" is inspired by is another matter but it certainly turns the story into a piece of entertainment.

What this all boils down to is that "Taken Back: Finding Haley" is an interesting take on the familiar story of a mother determined to find her abducted child. Yes there are some issues with the movie the sort of issues you get in a lot of TV movies but Moira Kelly's performance and the twist make it worth watching.