Ted 2 (2015) Movie Review

Ted 2 (2015)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Ted 2 (2015)

Bear Rights

Whilst Ted and Tami-Lynn had a wonderful wedding their marriage soon has issues, which is why Ted suggests they have a baby. Unfortunately going down the sperm donor route doesn't go well and then Tami-Lynn learns she can't have a baby anyway. So adoption is the way, except it isn't as it opens a whole can of worms as Ted finds himself having to go to court to prove he is human and not a product which can be owned. It leads to Ted and John meeting Samantha L Jackson a lawyer who ends up representing them.

As a Christian I watched "Ted 2" knowing full well what I was going to get and that is scenes of drug taking, sexual references and frequent f-bombs, well I did watch and enjoy "Ted" when I wasn't as in touch with my faith as I am now. But it leaves me having to be almost clinical when it comes to this review, asking a couple of questions starting with what Seth MacFarlane was trying to achieve. And I know he achieved what he set out to do and that is to deliver a comedy featuring foul mouthed humour and outrageous gags which I know have an appeal, many made me laugh although not all of them. So yes "Ted 2" delivers exactly what MacFarlane wanted.

There is of course there is another question as to whether what he wanted to achieve with "Ted 2" was worth it? And to be honest whilst there is the comedy which to put it bluntly won't be to everyone's taste there is a kind of deeper side to the movie. And that is the whole civil rights side of the story which whilst obviously daft when placed in the context of a talking ted it does have some moments which makes you think.

What this all boils down to is that "Ted 2" does what it sets out to do and that is provide entertainment for the masses who find a foul mouthed talking teddy bear and his drug taking friends entertaining.