Terror Peak (2003) starring Lynda Carter, Parker Stevenson, Antony Starr, Emily Barclay directed by Dale G. Bradley Movie Review

Terror Peak (2003)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Lynda Carter and Parker Stevenson in Terror Peak (2003)

Carter Must Wonder

Former volcanologist Dr. Janet Fraser (Lynda Carter) is in New Zealand with her new husband Kevin (Parker Stevenson) and her daughter Melanie (Emily Barclay) where she plans to check out a volcano as a destiny for an investment in an adventure tourism business idea. Despite warnings from a native Maori elder to not go to the volcano they go ahead where Melanie meets thrill seeker Jason (Antony Starr) and they decide to go hiking in order to get away from her stepfather who she doesn't get on with. But at a research centre on the side of the volcano Janet sees that the volcano has been becoming active and thinks the place needs to be evacuated immediately leading Kevin to go on a rescue mission to find them before the volcano erupts.

I will be the first to admit that I have an almost perverse fondness for made for TV disaster movies as having long given up on the idea of finding one which is genuinely good the badness of these movies ends up being enjoyable. But "Terror Peak" is in a league of its own because the acting is so over the top and tongue in cheek that the level of cheese especially during the opening scenes is uncomfortable. And it becomes apparent early on that whilst not devoid of effects "Terror Speak" relies more on the actors than the visuals which makes it even harder work with so many over the top facial expressions going on.

But wait there is more and not only is "Terror Peak" just another predictable volcano movie where people end up in danger when a volcano starts to become active but it isn't a very exciting one. The lack of ideas makes it one of those movies where you watch waiting for what you predict to happen knowing full well there won't be an unforeseen twist which will take you by surprise. Not only that you know that what ever money they have spent on the special effects it will be nowhere near enough to have the wow factor. And so in many ways "Terror Peak" does what I mentioned before which is rely on the actors and in particular Lynda Carter and Parker Stevenson who are nice actors but wrong for this movie as they can't shed nice to do gritty action.

What this all boils down to is that "Terror Peak" is even too cheesy for me and fails to deliver the excitement and groan factor I look for from a made for TV disaster movie with too much bad dialogue and cheesy acting for its own good.