Texas Rein (2016) Beth Gouthro, Greg Perrow, Rebecca Rogers, Don Hartman, Ben Davies, Lynne Ashe Movie Review

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Beth Gouthro in Texas Rein (2016)

Home on the Ranch

Former rodeo queen and single mum Cassie Roberts' (Beth Gouthro) relationship with her rancher father, Marvin (Don Hartman), has been tense due to her decision to not be the horse trainer he wanted her to be. But when she gets the call to say her dad is in hospital she immediately gets a flight home with her son. Whilst Marvin isn't as sick as she thought he wants her opinion on a horse he has got as he believes it is something special. Deciding to stay on and help train the horse for competition it leads to Cassie having to work with Chase Eversoll (Greg Perrow - Christmas in Conway), not easy as they clash over certain things but it also leads to him challenging Cassie to forgive her father over the issues that drove her away.

As a fan of made for TV movies there are certain storylines I am incredibly familiar with and one of those is the daughter who reluctantly returns home finding herself feeling drawn to stay there for a variety of reasons but between some old issues and a stubborn streak means that staying isn't going to be an easy choice. That is what you essentially get in "Texas Rein" as Cassie reluctantly finds her back on her father's ranch and having to deal with his criticism of her basically throwing her life away when he had hopes for her becoming a great horse trainer.

Greg Perrow in Texas Rein (2016)

As such anyone familiar with this sort of storyline is going to find "Texas Rein" pretty familiar as we have tension not only between Cassie and her father but also between her and her father's new ranch hand, Chase, who is a confidant charmer who enjoys winding Cassie up. There is even a boyfriend who shows up from where Cassie worked but who really isn't the right guy for her. As such "Texas Rein" is the sort of movie which works its way to an inevitable conclusion and whilst not doing anything wrong, other than lacking some big production finesse, it isn't memorable because it is pretty typical. Even a Christian side to Texas Rein" doesn't actually add too much to the movie although I would imagine some might say it detracts.

What this all boils down to is that "Texas Rein" ends up a middle of the road prodigal daughter movie which uses the ranch setting nicely to add to its appeal. But for all which is nice about "Texas Rein", including its wholesome nature, it does lack the finesse of a big budget movie and that holds it back.