That's Entertainment, Part II (1976) starring Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly directed by Gene Kelly Movie Review

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That's Entertainment, Part II (1976) starring Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly

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Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire take us on another journey down memory lane with a musical look ay the movies which MGM made from the comedies of The Marx Brothers to the musicals with the occasional uncomfortable star trying to look good dancing but failing to mask their unease.

The first "That's Entertainment!" was a near to perfection as it could be for a compilation movie as it not only served up the glories of MGM's past whilst introduced by favourite stars it was informative as well. To put it simply lightning couldn't strike twice and when it comes to "That's Entertainment, Part II" it feels ever so slightly inferior to the first compilation movie.

But here is the thing about "That's Entertainment, Part II" as whilst the first "That's Entertainment" was very much a celebration of the big production numbers in MGM musicals this sequel is more about the stars as we see different footage of those actors and actresses who made their names in MGM movies. That is also an important point as this sequel is not confined to MGM musicals as comedies appear in the mix as well. Don't get me wrong as "That's Entertainment, Part II" is still entertaining but with less big production numbers in the clips this sequel lacks that aspect of the glorious bygone days of MGM.

What we also get in "That's Entertainment, Part II" is more emphasis on the linking sections with Kelly and Astaire singing and dancing whilst introducing the next series of clips. Whilst it is always pleasure to see Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire these musical connection pieces don't do a great deal for me and fail to be as informative as those in the first movie although the narration they give over clips helps to make up for this.

What this all boils down to is that "That's Entertainment, Part II" didn't impress me as much as the original just because the changes which were made both to the production as a whole but also the focus which has changed. Yet the nostalgic aspect of seeing old footage of Laurel and Hardy or Abbott and Costello is a pure joy as are the musical scenes involving Judy Garland and Leslie Caron.