The Apache Kid's Escape (1930) Jack Perrin, Fred Church, Josephine Hill, Virginia Ashcroft Movie Review

The Apache Kid's Escape (1930)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Jack Perrin in The Apache Kid's Escape (1930)

30s Western Escapism

Having decided to go straight the Apache Kid (Jack Perrin) finds himself having to flee from a Sheriff when his former partner in crime stitches him up. Having found work at the Wilson ranch under the name Jim he decides to give the kerchief he use to use to hide his face to ranch hand Ted Conway (Fred Church) except Ted then uses it pretend to be the Apache Kid and after robbing the stagecoach ends up in jail. Now Jim has to the sort this mess out by putting Ted on the straight and narrow, return the stolen money and make sure no one pretends to be the Apache Kid ever again.

I wouldn't be surprised if actor Jack Perrin use to be known as smiling Jack as it seems he is always dishing out a huge smile when ever the camera is focused upon him. It is Perrin's beaming smile which ends up the most memorable aspect of "The Apache Kid's Escape" a rather dull western even when you take in to account it was back in 1930 just 3 years after the first talkie. Ironically I actually think "The Apache Kid's Escape" could have been good as we have an on the run Jim trying to clear the name of someone else but the whole thing feels choppy and I don't mean just visually. I also think that at 58 minutes it is drawn out and so many scenes in this western are not needed. And that is about it although you have to smile when you remember this was made at a time where stage actors were making movies and of course they were told to speak loud and clear which everyone does.

What this all boils down to is that "The Apache Kid's Escape" is now simply a western for those with an interest in old westerns and the stars of them. Watched for any other reason and sadly it comes up short.