The Battle of Sinai (1969) starring Franco Giornelli, Assi Dayan, Ze'ev Revach directed by Maurizio Lucidi Movie Review

The Battle of Sinai (1969)   2/52/52/52/52/5

The Battle of Sinai (1969)

Oh It is a Battle

In the midst of the Arab-Israeli war a small group of Israeli soldiers find themselves stranded in the middle of the desert when they end up confronted by the enemy. With no option than to try and walk back to their base they discover an Egyptian missile base on their trek and doing what they know is their duty set about raiding the place whilst dealing with enemy attacks.

I can sum up the only reason to watch "The Battle of Sinai" by saying that to my knowledge not many movies cover the Arab-Israeli war and so as that is this movie's USP. And to be honest for a brief moment "The Battle of Sinai" grabbed my attention because I knew nothing about this war before watching this movie and it gave me a brief look at the situation with the soldiers feeling a certain amount of mistrust as they are sent home for a holiday.

But then "The Battle of Sinai" becomes a dirge as we follow these men making it across the desert and when they come across an Egyptian missile base set about either destroying it or taking it over, I am not sure as I had given up caring by then. In the end what "The Battle of Sinai" comes across as is just another war movie and if it hadn't been for the opening set up it could just have been a WWII movie we with a small group of men stuck in the desert doing their patriotic duty. There is absolutely nothing which is exciting about this movie with most of the time it just featuring soldiers walking across sand and talking with only a real rare moment of action.

What this all boils down to is that "The Battle of Sinai" is one of those movies which whilst unusual because of the war it is based around is forgettable because it ends up just another war movie about men in a desert doing their duty and sadly one which is an Italian production which gives it that forced feel and bad dubbing.