The Bouquet (2013) Kristy Swanson, Danny Glover, Alberta Mayne, Michael Shanks, Nicola Cavendish, Jeremy Guilbaut, Stephen E. Miller, Daniel Bacon Movie Review

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Alberta Mayne and Kristy Swanson in The Bouquet (2013)

A Family Reminder

When Cecil Benton (Stephen E. Miller) passes away his daughters, Terri (Kristy Swanson - Operation Cupcake) and Mandy (Alberta Mayne), return home to be there for their mum, Bonnie (Nicola Cavendish). It is back home that they learn that the family florist business is in a bad way, something which Cecil had kept from Bonnie because he knew how much she loved the business. Despite their issues with each other Terri and Mandy try to work together with Terri's knowledge of business and Mandy's knowledge of the area to try and save it. But unfortunately old issues between them still cause problems as do a few new ones. But with the scale of the issues facing their mum becomes apparent the sisters are going to have to deal with their issues in order to help their mum.

"The Bouquet" is the sort of movie which I think everyone needs to watch once in a while whether they realise it or not. But "The Bouquet" is also one of those movies which many people would avoid as it looks tacky and is one of those totally inoffensive movies where even people with issues don't act realistically nasty towards each other and everyone is nice and so on. And yes they even hold hands and say grace before a meal.

Danny Glover in The Bouquet (2013)

So why do I say that "The Bouquet" is a movie everyone needs to watch once in a while? Well because it is a reminder of things and despite all its easy going nature it is a semi realistic one. What I mean is for example we have Terri and Mandy to busy to return home until it is too late and their father dies. There are other slices of reality with Terri being too proud to admit that things are not going well for her in the city and doesn't want to tell her folks because she doesn't want to be a failure.

But the most important thing is in many ways the issues between siblings as many a family grows up, grows apart and unfortunately ends up torn by old issues which gnaw away at them leading asd they hold on to grudges. Sounds pathetic but it would surprise you how many brothers and sisters grow up with long held hurt gnawing away at them. And so whilst "The Bouquet" does things in an overly nice way it still highlights the importance of dealing with those issues as life is too short to hold grudges.

As for the acting in "The Bouquet", well I have kept mentioning that this is a movie not great on realism but it is great on easy going charm which is what each of the cast delivers. Kristy Swanson and Alberta Mayne have an easy to like charm about them so that even when they end up arguing there is something nice about them. Nice is exactly what Danny Glover delivers as Reverend John and he brings real empathy to the role.

What this all boils down to is that "The Bouquet" isn't gritty realism and is drenched in niceness but that is part of its charm. The other part of its charm is that it reminds us about the importance of family and being there for each other rather than harbouring old grudges.