The Boy Who Saved Christmas (1998) starring Andre Bourque, Colin McClean, Amy Stromer, Walter Barret Robinson, Dana Woods, Jerry Turner directed by John Putch Movie Review

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Andre Bourque in The Boy Who Saved Christmas (1998)

Save it for the Boys

Christmas is coming and young Jeremy (Andre Bourque) is excited, constantly emailing Santa (Colin McClean) with his wishes, especially for his bullying brother Butch (Jerry Turner) to leave home. What Jeremy isn't aware of is that his parents are struggling financially and is the cause of their constant rowing. Meanwhile at the North Pole Pointer (Dana Woods) the Elf has given the place a techno makeover which Santa appreciates but struggles with as he still loves the old fashioned ways. But Santa has other problems to contend with when as his evil brother Atnas and his goons show up and trick Santa in to sitting in a chair which teleports him away giving Atnas the opportunity to destroy Christmas and enlist all the bad children to help him rule the world. When Santa comes crashing down in Jeremy's back yard it is up to him to try and save Christmas for everyone.

As an adult "The Boy Who Saved Christmas" is not good, it is seriously cheep looking, with cheesy dialogue and even cheesier, amateurish performances. Whilst by no means the worst Christmas movie I have ever seen and at least doesn't have the look of being a home made movie it certainly is poor. In fact "The Boy Who Saved Christmas" is one of those movies that isn't even amusingly bad for adults who find themselves watching it with children.

But in fairness "The Boy Who Saved Christmas" isn't made for adults, it is made for young children and is what I call a pantomime Christmas movie with a general sense of corniness which wouldn't feel out of place on the stage. It makes it a movie really for very young children who will find all the corniness amusing be it from Santa's evil brother in a cheap looking black costume with black rings around his eyes being menacingly camp to Santa walking in on Jeremy's mother in big curlers and green face mask. It is all extremely low level humour and cheap looking, the opening graphics during the credits make it obvious this was made on a small budget, but it is the simple almost daft humour which will amuse very young children.

What this all boils down to is that "The Boy Who Saved Christmas" is a Christmas movie for very young children who will find the pantomime look and corniness amusing. But it is certainly not a movie for adults as it is devoid of adult entertainment.

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