The Bridge Part 2 (2016) Katie Findlay, Wyatt Nash, Ted McGinley, Faith Ford, Andrea Brooks, Matt Hamilton, Kazumi Evans Movie Review

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Wyatt Nash and Katie Findlay in The Bridge Part 2 (2016)

Connecting the Two

It's been 7 years since Ryan (Wyatt Nash - Petals on the Wind) and Molly (Katie Findlay - Crash Site) went their separate ways after Molly's father intervened in their relationship and with Molly soon turning 25 she will be taking over as CEO of her father's media company. Meanwhile Ryan returns to Franklin, Tennessee having been on tour as a musician and learns that disaster has struck The Bridge as a tree came through the roof of the much loved bookstore and the place was wrecked. What no one knows is that Charlie (Ted McGinley - A Mother's Rage) and Donna (Faith Ford - Trading Christmas) are unable to re-open The Bridge as they have no money as the insurance won't pay out and despite his best attempts Charlie's faith is being tested by the thought he will have to give up on re-opening their dream. When Molly returning to Franklin she and Ryan try to help but it leads to them to re-assessing their lives, having come face to face for the first time in years and confronted by what they once wanted from their lives.

As I mentioned when I reviewed "The Bridge Part 1" it didn't blow me away as it was only solid Hallmark stuff and as "The Bridge Part 2" started and we catch up individually with Molly and Ryan 7 years later I wasn't holding out much hope for anything other than it being just good. In truth when we discover that The Bridge is in danger with Charlie and Donna struggling I wasn't holding much hope either as typically in a Hallmark movie these old friends end up working together to save the threatened venture and in doing so realising the truth about each other and their feelings. But then we get an impact scene and suddenly "The Bridge Part 2" becomes a little bit more interesting.

Now I won't lie as "The Bridge Part 2" is still standard Hallmark and stuff you can predict will happen pretty much does because Hallmark generally means feel good, wholesome entertainment. But again this one has a bit more going on, more subplots to make it not so much more complex but more involving. It also has a few more tender scenes and that is where "The Bridge Part 2" really scores as it delivers that quintessential Hallmark feeling, that sense of warmth, charm, wholesomeness which gives you that sense of there are good people in this world, a sense of community who are there for those who have been there for them.

What this all boils down to is that "The Bridge - Part 2" is a nice follow up to the first movie and although it only delivers pretty much what you expected it still delivers the feeling, which in many ways when it comes to a Hallmark movie is more important than what actually happens.