The Case for Christmas (2011) Dean Cain, Rachel Blanchard, George Buza, Barry Flatman, Krista Bridges, Helen Colliander, Dylan Roberts Movie Review

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Dean Cain and Rachel Blanchard in The Case for Christmas (2011)

Kringle's Christmas in Court

Santa (George Buza) is already concerned that less and less people are believing in him when out of the blue multi-millionaire businessman Braxton Bennett (Barry Flatman) decides to sue Santa for emotional distress for not getting what he wanted as a child. It is how Santa, aka Kris Kringle, heads to the city and to the court house where he meets Michael Sherman (Dean Cain - Small Town Santa), a struggling attorney and single father who has no spare time for romance yet alone to fix up his classic car, which is why he hires Lauren (Rachel Blanchard - My Gal Sunday), an old school friend, to work on it. Thanks to his daughter, Lily (Helen Colliander - Midnight Masquerade), not only does Michael agree to help Kris but also puts him up in his spare room. With Braxton looking to destroy Santa he also looks to destroy Michael who is struggling to defend Santa which in turn leads to more people not believing in him.

Have you ever watched "Miracle on 34th Street"? If so then you will know what I am about to say, "The Case for Christmas" takes the idea of Santa facing a court case and switches it up a bit. There is nothing wrong with that but in this case it dumbs it down to a child's level so what we get plenty of is Michael becoming flustered of dealing with Kris when he doesn't believe he is Santa as well as Santa's little helper Charlie who shows up and starts eating them out of home. It is all innocent fun for a young audience and with lots of Christmas decorations, snow on the lawn and even a snowman outside the front of the house "The Case for Christmas" has that Christmas look.

On the subject of the look it has something for older teens and young adults as it is no spoiler to say that Lauren has a crush on Michael despite him not really noticing her whilst still missing his late wife. The look comes from the fact that Dean Cain is handsome and Rachel Blanchard is beautiful and of course with Santa living with them he will notice something and do a bit of romantic magic to make Michael wake up and see how much Lauren loves him and Lily. As such Dean Cain and Rachel Blanchard deliver perfectly acceptable performances for this sort of movie and look good together. As for George Buza well he is a good Santa but one who occasionally looks a little terrifying especially when he delivers a flustered scowl which is quite frequently.

What this all boils down to is that "The Case for Christmas" can be lumped in with the bulk of Christmas movies which are an enjoyable distraction during Christmas but don't demand you going out of your way to watch again, that is unless you are a fan of Dean Cain who still has that winning smile and charm.

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