The Christmas Calendar (2017) Laura Bell Bundy, Brendon Zub, Paloma Kwiatkowski, Frazey Ford, Johannah Newmarch, Jordan Ninkovich, Greg Rogers, Steven Cree Molison, Curtis Tweedie Movie Review

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Laura Bell Bundy in The Christmas Calendar (2017)

On the 1st Day of Christmas

Following her mum passing away, Emily (Laura Bell Bundy - Season's Greetings) has returned to town to take over the bakery that her mum ran and which is named after Emily, with many in the town, especially the local men, happy to see her return from the city. But sadly the business is struggling and as such Emily is facing a choice between keeping the business or the family home and with there being competition with another bakery opening up in town she may have to sell up. But a struggling business is not the only thing on Emily's mind as she has received a Christmas Calendar from a secret admirer with each day a new cryptic clue being given as to who the sender is.

"The Christmas Calendar" feels like it should be one of those magic trick movies where we have the mystery of who the secret admirer is being the trick whilst Emily dealing with Gerard, who bakes for the competitor, being part of the distraction. And there are other distractions as well such as how lots of the towns folk are fascinated by who the mystery sender could be whilst there are several men in town who seem pretty keen on Emily so we are not certain as to who the secret admirer is. Add to that the whole struggling business aspect and you really should end up being distracted by the irrelevant whilst the clues are being dropped as to who the mystery sender is.

Brendon Zub in The Christmas Calendar (2017)

The thing is that "The Christmas Calendar" is a TV movie and as such is more about just being some light hearted, easy to watch festive fun thriving almost on being cute and bubbly, although some times it is a bit too corny when it comes to accents. Not only that but as the movie progresses and the cryptic clues are revealed and some curious things happen you begin to suspect all is definitely not what it seems when it comes to the sender of the Christmas Calendar. As such what we then get is the usual banter as Emily and Gerard lock horns over business but end up getting along.

What this all boils down to is that "The Christmas Calendar" is just a simple Christmas movie which whilst having an okay mystery delivers plenty of the sort of romantic comedy you would find in a TV Movie. Plus I have to be honest and say it isn't the most Christmassy of movies.

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