The Christmas Cure (2017) Brooke Nevin, Steve Byers, Patrick Duffy, Charlie Boyle, Pip Dwyer, Avery Glover, Adrian Groulx, Jocelyn Hudon, Jacob Soley, Dale Whibley Movie Review

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Brooke Nevin in The Christmas Cure (2017)

Some Christmas Medicine

Vanessa (Brooke Nevin - On the Twelfth Day of Christmas), like many emergency room doctors, is always working and rarely gets any time off but this Christmas a miracle occurs as not only is she being considered for a promotion to head of trauma but she is getting time off and that means going home to spend Christmas with her parents and brother. Whilst her return brings her back in touch with her former boyfriend, Mitch (Steve Byers - Catch a Christmas Star), it also means she gets to help out at her father, Bruce's (Patrick Duffy - Working Miracles), medical practice, which he plans on closing when he retires on Christmas Eve. But her time home makes Vanessa realise what she has been missing working in a busy emergency room where patients come and go so quickly. The question is when her Christmas holiday is over what will she do?

Using the phrase "sugar coating" in conjunction with a Hallmark Christmas movie seems so right yet so wrong at the same time, but those were the words which instantly sprung to mind when trying to start this review of "The Christmas Cure". Now I won't sugar coat it as this is one of those Hallmark Christmas movies which trades on what fans of Hallmark Christmas movies want from one of their Christmas movies. It is a combination of likeable actors playing likeable characters with that picture perfect look where houses have garlands wrapped around pillars, bows hanging over doors, cookies baking in the kitchen and of course snow to make it all look so perfect. And that is what you get in "The Christmas Cure" with lots of nice decorations and likeable stars with Brooke Nevin, Steve Byers and of course Patrick Duffy all delivering the family friendly stuff which makes these Hallmark Christmas movies tick.

Patrick Duffy in The Christmas Cure (2017)

What you also get in "The Christmas Cure" is the familiar as we have a storyline featuring a young woman returning home from the city and finding herself realising something; as whilst she helped those in need of emergency care there were things which were missing both romantically and also when it came to connecting with the people she treated. It is a routine storyline but that isn't a bad thing because like with so many Hallmark Christmas movies "The Christmas Cure" is not about being different but making those who love these movies feel a certain way, which it does.

What this all boils down to is that "The Christmas Cure" is simply a traditional Hallmark Christmas movie and one which whilst not overly memorable still delivers what you expect which is warmth and family friendly drama all dressed up in a pretty Christmas bow.

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