The Christmas Project (2016) Jacob Buster, Caitlin E.J. Meyer, Skyler M. Day, Caroline Labrum Movie Review

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The Christmas Project (2016)

Putting Others Before Your Elf

Christmas is coming but that makes little difference to the Buckley brothers whose rivalry often leads to them getting in trouble and forced to take a time out which means sitting in the bath. About the only thing which brings the brothers together is the daily bullying which they suffer at the hands of the Hagbarts as no matter how much they don't get on they stick together when there is trouble. But this year they find that a family tradition which sees them "elve" another family with secret gifts sees them having to "elve" the Hagbarts.

"The Christmas Project" is another one of those movies which whilst coming under the family genre banner is in truth more of a children's movie as we encounter the adventures, misadventures, friendships, first loves and so on of Matthew Buckley but also his friends and family. It even has that element of narration as if we are listening to the adult Matthew regale us with his memories of growing up and the lessons he learned. And in fairness it is amusing but for me it is a case that most of it borders on the daft rather than the funny.

Of course behind all the daftness there is some meaning to it all as the Buckley brothers learn the truth about the Hagbarts and why certain things are going on. And to be honest there is a nice message behind the humour even if it is one which really is aimed at a young audience. As I said this is very much a children's movie rather than one which has something for all the family.

What this all boils down to is that if you are looking for a Christmas movie with a wholesome message for your children to watch then "The Christmas Project" might entertain. But for any adult who is thinking of watching this, either with children or on their own, it doesn't have much to offer.

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