The Darwin Conspiracy (1999) starring Jason Brooks, Robert Floyd, Stacy Haiduk, Kevin Tighe directed by Winrich Kolbe Movie Review

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Jason Brooks in The Darwin Conspiracy (1999)

The Origins of Bland

Geneticist Dr. Jason Ward (Jason Brooks) loves his brother Andy (Robert Floyd) who because of difficulties during child birth ended up mentally retarded and it is Jason's hope that one day he can find a way to scientifically help Andy. It is because of Jason's expertise that government official Allan Hollingsworth (Kevin Tighe) wants him as part of a secret project alongside Dr. Jennifer Carter (Stacy Haiduk) using DNA from a perfectly preserved prehistoric man to harness its superior qualities. With Andy being his test subject things initially go well until Jason discovers that his research is being used by another government agency to create a super human species.

If you've seen "Jurassic Park" you know that there is danger when you try to play God by harnessing ancient DNA from insects preserved in amber and if you have watched "Rise of the Planet of the Apes" then you also know that experimenting on apes to improve their brain power also has some bad side effects. As such using modified DNA from a prehistoric man, well that's just bat crap crazy isn't it? And that is the most exciting thing I can say about "The Darwin Conspiracy" a bland made for TV movie from 1999 yet with a look and style which could quite easily make you think it was made a decade earlier.

Right from the word go with the character of Dr. Jason delivering a narration it all comes across as false with there being no real depth to what is being said with the emphasis more on Jason's tone of voice. It is not just a matter of the right tone as we not only have a good looking Jason Brooks but an equally good looking Stacy Haiduk who has piercing eyes. You can't take them seriously as scientists but as love interests who end up working together to tackle their bosses when they learn what they have been duped in to doing they have that right look. But it is a case that "The Darwin Conspiracy" is about the look and tone rather than what goes on which frankly is far fetched even for a sci-fi movie and not really interesting either.

What this all boils down to is that "The Darwin Conspiracy" is not only predictable but a movie which works on its look over its substance. It makes it a movie for those seeking some sci-fi nonsense as background noise rather than some exciting science fiction with a realistic side to focus upon.