The Edge of the Garden (2011) Rob Estes, Sarah Manninen, David Lewis, Kelly Monaco Movie Review

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Rob Estes in The Edge of the Garden (2011)

Sharing a Moment in Time

Brian (Rob Estes - Nostradamus) is a workaholic businessman which has lead to his fiancée, Julie (Kelly Monaco), walking out on him. It has also lead to Brian heading out to a small town in Maine where his company has just swallowed up a small, struggling business. But whilst Brian would usually rent a condo somewhere close to town and the business he finds himself falling in love with a run down cottage away from town and buying it rather than renting. But Rob soon realises he is not alone in this property as he hears voices, roses appear on the table and much more including old radio broadcasts when ever he tries to put music on. It is how he comes to meet Nora (Sarah Manninen - Touch the Top of the World) who clearly seems to be living in the past.

There will be those who watch "The Edge of the Garden" and find themselves thinking of "The Lake House" as we have this beautiful, remote property which seems to be some sort of portal between the present and the past. The big difference is that we are not talking just a year or two but a whopping 50 years and it is Brian who finds himself engaging with Nora and the house she sees back in the 1960's. As such "The Edge of the Garden" also reminds me of the children's movie "The Amazing Mr. Blunden" where a couple of children find themselves able to go back in time to before a disaster.

Sarah Manninen in The Edge of the Garden (2011)

But of course "The Edge of the Garden" is a Hallmark Channel movie and as such we have a tale of romance as Brian having got to grips with the fact that his cottage shares space with the past tries to change the past when he learns what happens to Nora. And to be honest if you enjoyed "The Lake House" you are just as likely to enjoy this especially as they often use letters to communicate with each other, left in a tin hidden in a fireplace. It is a classic romantic tool because when we watch Brian reading the letters we hear Nora's voice. Now I won't say how this plays out but I will say is that just remember at its heart "The Edge of the Garden" is a Hallmark movie and so somehow are workaholic will learn what the real meaning of love is.

Now for me there are two things which make "The Edge of the Garden", well two things beyond the nicely written story. First of which is Rob Estes who is well cast as a workaholic as he gives the character that demanding side, where he expects people to come up to his level. But at the same time you get a sense that whilst tough there is another side to him, a side forgotten about as he has been consumed with work. And then there is Sarah Manninen whose sweet voice is perfect when it comes to those scenes where we hear her voice as Brian reads her letter, it has a haunting beauty to it.

What this all boils down to is that "The Edge of the Garden" in truth takes a familiar idea but does a nice job of working it into an entertaining storyline which manages to not only keep your attention but also be more than the usual fluffy fun you get from a Hallmark movie.