The Facility (2012) Aneurin Barnard, Alex Reid, Jack Doolan, Chris Larkin, Skye Lourie Movie Review

The Facility (2012)   2/52/52/52/52/5

The Facility (2012)

Too Clinical

A group of strangers arrive at a medical research centre where for a small fee have agreed to be human guinea pigs in a double blind study to test a new drug called Pro9. But short after they have each had an injection some start to show symptoms as they start to go read and act crazy as those fortunate enough to be injected with a placebo having to try and find a way out before they are attacked.

Just forget that the synopsis is for the movie "The Facility" and just think about the potential with a group of strangers who don't know whether they have been injected with a drug or not. On one hand when they witness one of their new friends start to go crazy they not only have to fear being attacked but also the not knowing whether they could suffer the same torment as their friend's skin turns red and then blisters like they have just been plunged into a room of nuclear radiation. That simple idea combined with elements such as unable to get an outside line or being able to get out is stacked with potential to be a decent horror movie, as others have pointed out an almost prequel to "28 Days Later".

Unfortunately Ian Clark's "The Facility" is unable to escape the bonds of what feels a minimal budget to make the horror of the situation come to life. To put it simply it lacks every bit of atmosphere and tension which this story needs and so you are left watching a group of pretty unfamiliar actors working through this intriguing set up but constantly thinking where's the tension, where's the horror, where did they spend the money as it wasn't on the production.

What this all boils down to is that "The Facility" is for me a good idea with a lot of potential but it never delivers on that idea or its potential with the tension and horror never managing to capture the audience like it should.