The Great Ghost Rescue (2011) starring Jason Isaacs, Emma Fielding, Georgia Groome, Toby Hall, Otto Farrant directed by Yann Samuell Movie Review

The Great Ghost Rescue (2011)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Georgia Groome in The Great Ghost Rescue (2011)

Ghosts Looking To Let

When young Humphrey (Toby Hall) fell to his death at an orphanage he discovers there is life after death as he becomes a ghost and meets he other ghosts who live at Craggyford, although he doesn't want to be a ghost. But after some time they find themselves kicked out of their home when former resident turned entrepreneur Brad (Steven Mackintosh) with the assistance of the Prime Minister (Anthony Head) demolish the ancient building to build a new hotel. Forced to wander the land Humphrey and his ghost family find they are not alone as there are many other homeless ghosts due to their old homes being flattened and turned into shopping malls. With things looking bleak Humphrey is going to have to face up to what he is and helping his new ghost family to scare themselves to a new home.

On paper I like "The Great Ghost Rescue", the idea that there are all these homeless ghosts wandering the planet because their haunts have been flattened to make way for new developments is almost clever. The trouble is that what they did with the idea doesn't make "The Great Ghost Rescue" work and seems unsure of who its audience is with some things to dark for young audiences but not enough bite and dark humour for teens and grown ups. I hate to say this but whilst not terrible "The Great Ghost Rescue" is not terrible it lacks the dark humour to really make it entertaining.

Part of the trouble is for me is that "The Great Ghost Rescue" needed more famous actors to help it work for audiences. Yes there are those who will recognize Kevin McKidd and Georgia Groome but it lacks the star power which say "The Addams Family" had which was part of the reason why that movie worked. And I hate to say this but young Toby Hall who plays Humphrey isn't confident enough to make his character work and it called for someone with the same sort of confidence and likeability of a young Freddie Highmore.

What this all boils down to is that "The Great Ghost Rescue" is a movie with a fun idea and some fun characters but the final result is a let down and lacks the strength of performance and dark wit to make it come to life.