The Hunt for Eagle One: Crash Point (2006) starring Mark Dacascos, Theresa Randle, Jeff Fahey, Joe Suba, Zach McGowan, Steve Cryin, Joe Mari Avellana, Dick Israel directed by Henry Crum Movie Review

The Hunt for Eagle One: Crash Point (2006)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Mark Dacascos in The Hunt for Eagle One: Crash Point (2006)

Crash and Burn

Government wizards have come up with a device which allows them to remotely take control of planes in order to prevent terrorists from flying them in to buildings. That is all well and good until terrorists steal the remote control device and take control of three planes. With the fear that the terrorists will start crashing the planes in to buildings some suggest blowing the planes out of the sky. Meanwhile Capt. Matt Daniels (Mark Dacascos) along with his team and accompanied by chopper pilot Capt. Amy Jennings (Theresa Randle) try and find the terrorists to get the device back.

"The Hunt for Eagle One: Crash Point" is two things; firstly it is a sequel which is the equal of the first movie "The Hunt for Eagle On" and secondly it is the sort of mindless action movie which wouldn't have looked out of place with Steven Seagal in the lead role. In fact maybe I would have enjoyed it a bit more as I found Mark Dacascos lacking charisma in this sequel.

But like with the first movie this sequel whilst solid just fails to be exciting and once again I found myself thinking about other things the whole time it was on. Yes there is action but again it only feels like action for action sense with no drama, tension or anything else.

What this all boils down to is that "The Hunt for Eagle One: Crash Point" is on par with the original but that is not praise as both movies whilst okay in places are lacking and fail to generate the excitement needed to keep hold of your attention.