The Last Patrol (2000) Dolph Lundgren, Sherri Alexander, Joe Michael Burke, Rebecca Cross, Brook Susan Parker, Juliano Mer-Khamis, Chanan Elias Movie Review

The Last Patrol (2000)   1/51/51/51/51/5

Dolph Lundgren in The Last Patrol (2000)

A Stink in California

Nick Preston (Dolph Lundgren), a Green beret, finds himself in the military equipment graveyard after upsetting a few too many people. He finds himself there when a gigantic earthquake strikes leaving California an island. With a couple of other military personnel they plan to head out and search for fuel, food and fellow survivors whilst their outpost attracts a fair few characters who stumble across it whilst searching for safety. But California has not only become a dangerous place with escaped convicts but there is a violent plague which if you come in to contact with your skin boils.

Whilst there are some actors who see acting as art and as such they are selective over what movies they make there are others who see it simply as a job and as such if they get a good enough offer they will do the movie. Michael Caine who once said that he never turned down a movie is one of these actors and going by the number of stinkers he has been in Dolph Lundgren is another. And trust me when I say "The Last Patrol" is one of those stinkers and might in fact be one of the worst movies he has every made.

Now "The Last Patrol" reminds me of one of those school plays where everyone does there own thing as everyone in this seems to be different and quirky. Eclectic doesn't do the nature of these characters justice and to put it bluntly it doesn't work in the slightest to be entertaining. But we also have a subplot surrounding what I suppose are meant to be escaped convicts who are making some sort of broadcast thanks to a full on quirky character. There is no word for it but these characters are all over the place and it makes it extremely difficult to make sense of the storyline which seems to have been made up as the movie was being shot with those involved having no idea what they well be doing next which means the only thing they can do is play it quirky.

What this all boils down to is that "The Last Patrol" is all over the place and I am almost convinced that even those who made the movie weren't sure what movie they were making. Maybe it works if you are off your head, maybe it works if you watch expecting nothing but for me this movie was simply bad and one of Lundgren's worst.